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122 horses killed for a one year period in one country – and this is not UAE!


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People who blame the Middle East countries as barbaric, don’t care what is happening inside their own “civilized society”.

There is the data collected in one country for a one year period from 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019:

  • 122 horses killed for a number of reasons most commonly for catastrophic front limb injury (61)
  • 7 horses collapsed and died
  • 10 horses died from cardiac causes
  • 5 horses died from bleeds

The total death toll for the one year period was 122 horses, equaling one dead horse every 3 days!

Do you think, this report is from the Middle East?

Nope! This report is from Australia!

Follow the proof link here:

And these 122 dead horses are only the tip of an iceberg!

One month ago, the Australian ABC’s 7.30 program was aired which revealed that hundreds of healthy Australian racehorses are being sent to the slaughterhouse each year.

Thousands of thoroughbred racehorses are being sent for slaughter — many abused and inhumanely killed — despite rules preventing just that.Source:ABC

Footage showed horses being beaten, kicked and shocked with electric prods while they lay dying in abattoirs, and raised questions about the racing industry’s claims about its rehoming program for racehorses.

The report also raised questions about Racing Australia’s claims about the rehoming of retired racehorses. The racing body’s official data shows around 34 horses every year end up at slaughterhouses – less than 1% of retiring horses.

But the program suggested the number is much higher, despite rules requiring the registration and tracking of horses from their birth to their retirement.

Serious questions have been raised about the welfare of racehorses, with thousands winding up in slaughterhouses.Source:ABC

“The racing industry has hidden behind bogus studies they commissioned and data collected from a compulsory retirement form claiming that less than 0.5 per cent of racehorses are sent to slaughter,” Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses spokesman Elio Celotto said.

“They have now been proven wrong and must own up to the fact that they have a serious welfare problem.”

The CPR said up to 220 horses are being killed weekly at a Queensland abattoir and on average, 56% are racehorses.

“With another abattoir that also kills horses and another 33 knackeries, we estimate the real number to be more than 10,000 (a year),” Celotto said in a statement.

Read it again: more than 10,000 horses are killed every year in slaughterhouses in “civilized” Australia!

Thousands of horses are being sent for slaughter despite rules preventing it. The explosive 7.30 report will rock the racing industry to its core.Source:ABC

Read the ABC report and watch the shocking footage here:

There is a lady from Australia, Jay Randle:

Photo Jay Randle/Facebook

She is quite active in both types of equine sport: horse racing and endurance riding.

Thus, she probably could have known about such a disgusting situation that developed in her industry in her home country.

But in her profile on Facebook, we did not find any publications in which she could raise her concerns regarding problems that occurred in horse racing sport in Australia.

And now we turn to the sad news from UAE.

A horse had a Catastrophic Injury during 40km qualifier ride. With an average speed of 15 km/h, it is obvious that speed was not the cause of injury. We do not even know what kind of injury this horse suffered.

Clean Endurance made a post about this CI, again demonstrating their selectivity in negative news.

Clean Endurance publish about horse deaths in UAE, but for some reason they kept silent about horse death in Saudi Arabia in February 2019.

Our report about that horse death in Saudi Arabia can be found here:

The irony of the situation is that the UAE is perhaps the only country that publishes live results for all competitions, including national qualifier rides. Therefore, everyone can find out about any horse death that occurred on those rides.

And no one European country publishes such live results for their qualifier rides, and we know nothing that is happening during national competitions in Europe, and horse deaths if they occurred, could be easily covered up.