Abu Dhabi Festival Endurance Ride


Image credits: ADEC

This weekend the Endurance Rides were held at Abu Dhabi Festival.
On Thursday 23rd March the Endurance Ride for Ladies and for Private Owners were held.

6 cars were distributed for the first 6 places in both rides.

CEN for Private Owners for 100 km kicked off at 6:00 AM for 4 loops: 40 + 25 + 19 + 16 kms.

30 minutes later CEN for Ladies was started for the same 4 loops.

77 riders participated in CEN for Private Owners, including riders from India, Comoros, Iran, Russia, Yemen, Oman, Egypt, Pakistan, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and UAE.

Salim Said Al Owais on MEDINAH, 15 years old Anglo Arab Mare from Zabeel Stables took the first place, covered the distance with average speed of 27.692 km/h.

Ahmad Saleh Mohamed Ali Al Shehhi on ONYX DE L AIGOUAL 15 years old gelding from Al Kamda Endurance Stables took the second place finished in 5 seconds after the winner.

Third place on the podium goes to Rashid Mohd Ibrahim Al Baloushi on SABANA DU SAUVETERRE, 11 years old Arabe Gelding from Zabeel Stables.

For Ladies Ride, there were 83 participants from many countries, such as Bahrain, Spain, Argentina, Sweden, Egypt, USA, Poland, Iran, Italy, France, Comoros, Syria, Australia, Marocco, Finland, Germany, Lebanon, Great Britain, Uruguay, Belgium, Czechia and UAE.

Well known lady rider Kamila Kart from Poland became the winner of this ride, she rode Razorback Mechano, 9 years old Part Arab Gelding with average speed of 29.195 km/h.

Next five finishers were from UAE. 7th place was taken by Meike Christine Fikenscher from Germany and 8th place by Charlotte Withofs from Belgium.

On the next day the 24th March the Endurance Ride CEN 120km was canceled because of inclement Weather conditions.