Abu Dhabi hides another horse fatality



  • Added 3rd fatality in Abu Dhabi
  • Added a new fatality in Dubai on 2 February

In our previous article “Let’s do the math” we’d know that in 2016 the fatality rate in UAE was about the same as in France: 0.11% in UAE against 0.14% in France.

Now let’s see what’s going on for current season in UAE.

This season shows tremendous number of horse fatalities: 8 horses died in Dubai and 3 horses died in Abu Dhabi.

8 fatalities in Dubai is a big number itself. But let’s calculate how much horses started in Dubai this season.

This is full list of all competitions in Dubai so far:

There were 24 competitions with 5164 started horses in total. 8 of them died. Fatality rate is 0.15%.

Now let’s see the statistics for Abu Dhabi till now:

There were 20 competitions with 1675 started horses in total. 3 of them died. Fatality rate is 0.18%.

You can notice, that there are 3 fatalities in Abu Dhabi, despite the fact that there was only 1 fatality officially announced as CI.

As we all know, on 17 December 2016 horse CASTLEBAR TAILWIND has died at CEI 2* 120 km Al Dhafra Endurance Ride.

But what you do not know is that another horse died at the same ride, and another horse died two weeks before CASTLEBAR TAILWIND.

Official results of CEI 2* 120 km Al Dhafra Endurance Ride you can find on website of UAE NF here: http://emiratesequestrian.com/Endurance/DownloadResults/3520.

Results of this competition show that 4 horses were eliminated with FTC mark.

One of these horses is MOON’S SUNDANCE, eliminated in loop 2.


On 3 December 2016 there was CEN 120 km National Day Endurance Cup in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi. Official results you can find on website of UAE NF here: http://emiratesequestrian.com/Endurance/DownloadResults/3518.

Results of this competition show that 8 horses were eliminated with FTC mark.

One of these horses is SHIKARA LA MAJORIE, eliminated in loop 1.


That’s all we officially know about these two horses. Нow many of you have guessed to look at the FEI database to see the profiles of MOON’S SUNDANCE and SHIKARA LA MAJORIE?

moon   shikara2

Both horses have the date of death exactly as the date of their last rides.

Information about the deaths came from organizers of Abu Dhabi to the UAE NF without updating their public results. And UAE NF sent this information to the FEI without updating the public results.

So, if some organizers continue to play unfair game and hide fatalities under FTC mark, how do we know that other countries don’t do the same?

How can we be sure that there is ZERO fatality in national rides in Europe and other countries around the world, if we don’t have the possibility to see live TV coverage and online results for every national ride in Europe and other countries?

Maybe there are horse skeletons in the closet of Europe and other countries, which we don’t know?

We know about all the fatalities in Dubai only through the transparency and honesty of organizers – they show online results and all CI codes. Can we say the same about organizers in Europe and other countries?

Concerning the possible ban on Dubai for many fatalities – it is not the solution.

Dubai is just a place. If you will ban this place, horses will go and die in another place.

7 of 8 dead horses were ridden by non-UAE riders. 2 horses were ridden by riders from Argentina and one of last horses was ridden by rider from Belgium.

Last rider is Elisabeth HARDY from Belgium. She is a shining example of European jockey rider. Since October 2016 she participated in 18 rides in UAE with 17 different horses. She finished the rides only 5 times: 2 FEI rides and 3 CEN rides.

Currently Elisabeth HARDY has 20 penalty points according to the FEI website: she received 2×10 penalty points for 2 horses eliminated for metabolic reason at FEI rides.

Horse EL NIZE SHAREEF was killed at CEN event, so Elisabeth HARDY doesn’t receive penalty points from the FEI. Otherwise she would receive 80 penalty points for CI, accumulating 100 penalty points in total that will result in an automatic two month suspension period for this rider.

If Elisabeth HARDY has a conscience, she should voluntarily withdraw from any competitions for these 2 months.

Just wondering how long time she will mourn dead horse EL NIZE SHAREEF before she will ride again a new horse…

Dubai doesn’t kill the horses. Horses are killed by their riders and trainers.

The FEI thinks that main causes of many fatalities are over-training and high speeds.

Perhaps, so.

But, the true cause of some fatalities is dope.

Horses are killed not by high speed, but by drugs that allow to run without pain.

So, if you want to solve the problem of many fatalities in Middle East – you should start with total dope control.

The FEI charges so-called EADCMP Fee (18 CHF for 1* and 2* events, and 25 CHF for 3* event) per each horse per each FEI ride!

But not every horse is tested on FEI rides, why?

Why we pay EADCMP Fee and don’t receive this service for which we pay? Where does our money go?

So, the FEI should impose not the ban for the place, but total testing for each competing horse!

Proposals to reduce the heart rate and recovery time are also not the solution. Because new drugs will come that circumvent these restrictions.

The FEI should start a total war on drugs. UAE NF and all organizers have to collaborate with FEI on total dope testing of every competing horse both on National and FEI rides.

This will stop the horse fatalities. Not a ban for a place.