Another horse died in France, again!


Did you hear that another Endurance horse died in France a few days ago? No?

This is not surprising, because no one has written about this in the news. Even organizers of the competition keep “radio silence mode”, and it is very very strange!

Now you see the BIG DIFFERENCE between Endurance sport in UAE and Endurance sport in Europe.

In UAE every competition is covered by live TV broadcasting, so you can sit at your home relaxing and watching the every moment of the competition, including the bad moments which you called “the horse abuse”.

And what about Europe? There is no live TV broadcasting of competitions, so when horse died in Europe and organizers shamefully hide this information – nobody knows what happened.

Compare the absolute transparency of Endurance sport in UAE and absolute concealment of Endurance sport in Europe – do you see it now?

So, if organizers cowardly fear to tell the truth, we tell you what happened.

On Saturday 22 October the Endurance event was held in Tartas, France.
In CEI2* competition one horse received Catastrophic injury which means that euthanasia is necessary.

Name of horse is DEVA DE ROYAL from Spain. You can look at results on ATRM website to see “CI” for this horse.

If you’ll look at official website of this event or at their Facebook page, you’ll find NO ONE WORD about this horse, no press release. Why?

Are the organizers of Tartas so cowardly to make public announcement?

There are no condolences from the OC to rider and owner, only hypocritical post how beautiful their competition was.

So, now we see 3 horse deaths in France just in 2 weeks. It is awful. You can soothe your conscience that all deaths were just tragic accidents, not abuse.

BUT! Death is death, no matter how you called it.

If this goes on, France can overtake the UAE in the number of horse deaths in a short time.

How many so-called “tragic accidents” have yet to happen in Europe before you ask the question: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?

If you have any information about any incidents at Endurance events, send us to [email protected]

Top photo of the article © Centre √©questre Ous Pins