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Bad anecdotes of Pippa Cuckson


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Pippa Cuckson is a multi award winning British journalist that often highlights the issues in endurance. Her articles are properly researched and contain real facts. She writes for Horse Canada, Horse and Hound and various other publications.

This is a quote from Carol Hayter (alias name of Marianne Ironside who was expelled from Clean Endurance a few months ago) about Pippa Cuckson:

“Her articles are properly researched and contain real facts.”

Well, maybe that was before… but not now.

Pippa’s one of the latest articles contains no one real fact but full of “unconfirmed rumors”.

Photo: Pippa Cuckson/Facebook

The gutter press style is now the “new normal” for Pippa Cuckson.

Look at this artcile by Pippa Cuckson:

Pippa Cuckson wrote that several National Federations are “simply cut and pasted bumph circulated by the UAE”. Pippa named these NFs as follows: South Africa, Libya, Lebanon and Sudan.

Intentionally or not, Pippa didn’t mention two other NFs who did the same copy-paste work: Saudi Arabia and Russia.

Saudi Arabia is the main favorite to receive the right to conduct WEG 2022!

Russia is the host country for the upcoming General Assembly in Moscow!

Why Pippa Cuckson didn’t mention that both Saudi and Russian NFs also copied the UAE comments?

Photo: Pippa Cuckson/Facebook

So, now Pippa posted the rumors, not facts. What an irony of fate!

Again, no names and facts, only unconfirmed rumors! Is this professional journalism now?

Again, where are the names? Tell the facts, not rumors!

Photo: Pippa Cuckson/Facebook

What are the names of “a distinguished vet” and “a well-known rider”?

Without real facts and specific names the whole article looks like a bad anecdote.

“I have information about [people] who offer help … in return for sex.”

– Pippa Cuckson

What a shame it is for to publish the above-mentioned words that are only relevant in drunken conversations in a bar!

The level of professionalism in Pippa’s articles fell below zero. Very sad!