On August 12, 2018, Endurance Ride was held in Simlangsdalens, near Halmstad, Sweden. This ordinary event in Northern Europe received an unexpected visit of The Royal Endurance Team of Bahrain.

It is quite unusual considering that the last year Swedish endurance riders have not even been allowed to compete in the so-called G7 countries, to which Bahrain belongs.

Read original statement of Swedish NF here.

As organizer Jessica Holmberg said, the reason of visit of Bahrain team to Sweden is because a competition in Brussels the same weekend has been canceled.

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Endurance event in Sweden included 4 classes: CEI1* 80, CEI2* 120, CEI3* 160 and CEIYJ2* 120.

Whilst Scandinavian riders from Sweden, Norway and Denmark participated in 80 and 160 km rides as well as 120 km ride for Young Riders, the 120 km competition witnessed the dominance of Bahraini riders. There were 9 Bahraini riders of 18 participants for CEI2* 120.

4 Bahraini riders finished successfully, winning the top four places, while other 5 riders of Bahrain team were eliminated during the event.

The victory is belong to H.H. Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa on horse AHMALFI (on the picture above) – he completed the distance with average speed of 18.9 km/h.

H.H. Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, president of Bahrain Olympic Committee and captain of Bahrain Royal Endurance Team also participated in the ride, but had to pull out after second loop due elimination of his horse BURAK OTELO for lameness.