Bahrain horse fracture – A NEVER ENDING STORY!


Yet another horse fractured at Junior Endurance World Championships, Valeggio, Italy.

Sad news came from Bahrain team at Junior Championship in Verona.

Horse No 14 – VALESKA DE KERPONT from Bahrain team – had to stop at the final loop due to severe fracture.

Officials issued Yellow card to BAHRAIN rider #14, Rashid Khalid Ahmed AL ROWAIE (BRN) riding VALESKA DE KERPONT. It was the only case of Yellow Warning Card ISSUED during the Championship.


In case if link to the list of issued Yellow Cards is broken, you can find full list on the FEI website here:

Forget about “To finish is to win”. Now it is “To win through killing”?

Obviously, very high speed for last loop was the cause of this fracture.


After 3rd loop, the average speed was over 23 km/h, and this rider was on 3rd position.

During the final loop this rider was among leading five riders whose speed for 4th loop was above 25 km/h.

Desire to win at any cost ruined the career of this beautiful young 8 years old horse.


Official results on FEI website show the reason of elimination as MI i.e. “Minor Injury”.

Do you really believe that after such fracture this poor horse can return to the sport?

This is yet another case of horse injury from Bahrain, after well-known cover-up of horse fatality at Bahrain King’s Cup endurance ride.

FEI General Regulations, Article 120 states:


The Chef d’Equipe has responsibility for general management and fitness of horses of the team.

Meet the Chef d’Equipe of Bahrain – Dr. Khalid AHMED HASAN

Who is a FEI listed international 4* Veterinarian.

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He is National Head FEI veterinarian in Bahrain. And Assistant Secretary General of Bahrain NF. He is also responsible for Bahrain Royal Stable.

Also he was the Member of FEI Endurance Committee from 2012-2016 and Deputy Chair of this committee in 2016.

The Chef d’Equipe of Bahrain team.

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So, he is the principal “PERSON RESPONSIBLE” for all that happens in the team.

He is the main person who gives directions for the team planning and applying the strategy – which eventually ruined the horse. Is this you call it the welfare of horse? From the so called Chef d’Equipe?

We all know that doping often causes leg fractures. What about to check this horse No 14 for doping? FEI to confirm whether blood samples were taken for this horse or not?

For team Bahrain, nothing can be done without permission or instruction from their Chef d’Equipe. So, we can assume that leg fracture is a consequence of instructions given by the Chef d’Equipe to Bahrain junior riders.

As experienced veterinarian, Dr. Khalid had to recognize that VALESKA DE KERPONT had the problems after 3rd vet check. But allowing the rider to go for the final loop, and his bad decision led to fracture of the horse

The poor horse was forced to run at a high speed leading to its severe injury. It’s a clear evidence of abusing the horse and Dr. Khalid as a FEI Endurance Veterinarian did not even think of the welfare of horse.

Dr. Khalid AHMED HASAN is killing this poor horse, and we are hoping that FEI will take the necessary action against the Chef d’Equipe.

Will he be punished for this situation, especially if he was former member of FEI Endurance committee?

And he was seen smiling during his television interview.

Screenshot of TV footage

What is the action taken by the FEI against such behavior of Chef d’Equipe of Bahrain?

Why does the FEI turn a blind eye to these injuries of horses from Bahrain?

So far, there is no official answer from the FEI about “Bahrain saga”, no explanation about “to-be-fictitious” results of King’s Cup on Styria website.

Perhaps, the FEI is ignorant to Bahrain horse injuries and turn a blind eye to anything relating to Bahrain.

Is it because Bahrain agreed to host the FEI General Assambly 2018?

And please note that FEI presidential elections will be happening in 2018 at FEI General Assembly in Bahrain.

We don’t know the answer.

We want to remind you the full recap of Bahrain saga:

Will the FEI appoint this horse-killing person as a member of Endurance Committee in the future?