Belated remorse of Pierre Romantzoff


French endurance vet Dr. Pierre Romantzoff has recently announced that he is giving up after 33 years of his professional career.

Dr. Romantzoff was one of five vets who published an open letter about the welfare issues in Compiegne in 2014.

In particular, that open letter stated that “current practices of endurance in some group 7 countries is very far removed from the original spirit of our sport.”

Despite this strong standing, Dr. Pierre Romantzoff has continued to visit G7 countries to work as Official vet at Endurance events.

Pierre Romantzoff has accepted the invitations to visit G7 countries and has received the remuneration from G7 organisers many times!

Since 2014, Pierre Romantzoff worked as official vet at following events in G7 countries:

So, in fact, Dr. Romantzoff visited these G7 events, lived in luxury hotels and received the remuneration from the organisers, and did not care about what he called “trickery, cheating, doping, corruption and horse murdering.”

And now he showed his true hypocritical face: for the past years he took money from G7 with smile, and now he blames G7.

Dr. Romantzoff was the part of what he called “an indefensible moral way” for many years, and now it’s too late to try to be clean.

So, how many other two-faced officials are out there, which on the one hand, come to Group 7 with a smile, receive money and benefits from the organisers, and on the other hand, they write nastiness in social media about these hospitable organisers… a rhetorical question.

Where were your principles during your visits to Group 7, Dr. Romantzoff?

How the propaganda of Clean Endurance really works

Sure, Clean Endurance could not ignore this statement of Pierre Romantzoff.

Pippa Cuckson wrote a comment on this:

See the perverse logic of Ms. Cuckson:

UAE is chucking money on an even more unprecedented scale than before – apparently, this is bad for sport! Real sport should exist without sponsors and without money!

It is having a more insidious effect targeting the unthinking normal rider direct – apparently, this is bad for sport and for rider! Real rider should spend his own last penny to prepare for the competitions! No benefits from organisers should be accepted! Riders shoud never accept any compensation of travel costs offered by organisers! This is real sport by Pippa Cuckson’s ideology!

Offering all these “benefits” and start money. I believe that is one of the most welfare-averse things any organiser can do – wondering, what would the riders from other disciplines think about such benefits from organisers? Will they also refuse the money?

There is nothing in FEI rules to stop it, because no regulatory body can be expected to predict the amoral – wow, FEI rules should prohibit organisers from offering the compensation to riders! Giving the compensation of travel costs is amoral! Amazing!

Destroy the reputation of a sport to the extent no other sponsor will touch it with a barge pole, so that you are then the only available sponsor and can dictate your terms. – Maybe, Pippa Cuckson can name a few examples of the sponsors who are ready to spend several million dollars for Endurance championships? There are hundreds of Endurance competitions around the world throughout the year without any sponsors ever. Let’s these unnamed sponsors provide the financial aid to these events.

Ms. Cuckson, how much do you get paid for such a propaganda?