Bloody Tracks of Fontainebleau


Fontainebleau on 15 October 2016.

Do you remember what is this? This is place and date which was bidding for WEC 2016 along with Samorin and San Rossore.

Fontainebleau didn’t win the bidding for WEC and this weekend passed here with ordinary endurance events. And we have some sad news from the OC:

Do you think that horses in Endurance are dying only in UAE and never dying in Europe? You are blind if you think so. Horses are dying everywhere, and Europe is no exception.

Yesterday a horse was killed in Europe, in France. And a second horse was also killed the same day at the same place.

CEI1* 90 which was held in Fontainebleau on 15 October, has been marked by 2 CIs which mean “Catastrophic injury”. In other words it means the death of horse. And more specifically – the death of two horses.

See the final results here:

Two horses were killed in one competition – how is it possible in prosperous Europe? Something goes wrong in Fontainebleau.

And it is a very big wake-up call for organizers of this event to drastically change their tracks, because now they are bloody and deadly.

They are not just idle words. Horses are killed in Fontainebleau regularly!

VIRTUOSE DU TAILLOU was killed in Fontainebleau at CEI1* 90 on 17 October 2015.
photo credits:

PADOUE BLUE was killed in Fontainebleau at CEI2* 120 on 1 April 2016.
photo credits: Pierre Jambou /

And now two more names added to this list:

ARIANE D’OUDAIRIES was killed in Fontainebleau at CEI1* 90 on 15 October 2016. Loop speeds = 16.706, 19.327
photo credits: Pierre Jambou /

CASTLEBAR CONTRABAND was killed in Fontainebleau at CEI1* 90 on 15 October 2016. Loop speeds = 18.982, 20.842
photo credits: Facebook / Castlebar Endurance Team

Loop speeds of these two horses are not so fast, exactly within limits of so-called “Bou Thib Initiative”.

By the way, winner of this competition – Manon Clavel from France has a speed of final loop of 27.711 km/h – is it normal by rules of “Bou Thib Initiative”? Or someone has to tell this rider “to kill the speed”?

So, what’s now? Maybe it is time to ban Fontainebleau? How many horses have to be killed at this place before it will be banned?

So, we awarded this event with our “NOT APPROVED” stamp. We do not recommend to participate in Fontainebleau, because it is dangerous place for your horse!

As you know, the FEI introduced elimination code CI for “Catastrophic injury” not so long time ago. In previous years there was no specific elimination code for equine fatalities, so, if we will look at results of European competitions for previous years, we will not find fatalities in the results at all. But what if they were in fact?

How many equine skeletons Europe can hide in the closet?

Our deepest condolences to riders and owners of all these horses killed in Fontainebleau.

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