Brussels Endurance Championship pisses on the rules


It was the ugliest Championship ever!

Screenshot from footage of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival/YouTube

Nothing has changed since last year. It was Asphalt Endurance Championship, more suitable for motorbikes, not for horses.

Cooling area, Vet gate and Resting area – all the important places were located on the asphalt.

Despite many negative comments from the last year about bad choice of the location and dangerous tracks in the Sonian Forest – organizers changed nothing.

All remains the same.

The same park – good place for family vacation, but bad choice for big equestrian event.

The same asphalt – poor horses need to rest on hard surface without any chance to calm.

The same forest with very narrow and dangerous loops.

How the FEI could support this event even knowing all these facts after test event in 2016?

Blatant violations of FEI rules started beforehand the event.

It was the first Championship where two important but different roles were assigned to one person – Technical Delegate and Course Designer was Brian Dunn from Ireland.

It is violation of FEI Endurance rules, see Article 824.2.1:


Course Designer is the person creating the course.
Technical Delegate is the person approving the course prior to handing over to the Ground Jury.
Only for 1*,2* and 3* Events the Technical Delegate may also serve as the Course Designer.

Image credits: Brian Dunn/Facebook

For 4* and Championships it is not allowed, they should be two different persons. But not for Brussels.

Image credits: Brian Dunn/Facebook

So, Mr. Brian DUNN (IRL) created the course for Championship as Course Designer.
Then Mr. Brian DUNN (IRL) approved the course as Technical Delegate of the event.
Can this situation be considered as Conflict of Interest? Definitely, YES!

Image credits:

Organizers of Brussels Championship piss on the rules and they piss on all of us?

Because the same person created the course and then approved it, no one asked the question – WTF with this track?

It was very dangerous unprofessionally designed course!

Just look at this!

Screenshot from footage of Equideo TV

They prepared very narrow wayside as track – it’s dangerous, isn’t it?

How such dangerous course was approved? Just because Mr. Brian DUNN is two-in-one: left hand of Mr. Dunn created this course, and then right hand of Mr. Dunn approved it.

Tracks inside Sonian Forest were very narrow and also dangerous:

Screenshot from footage of Equideo TV

Screenshot from footage of Equi TV

Did you see how the start was organized?

Video footage by Julien Diserbeau/Facebook

It’s hard to imagine a more terrible option for start line: a lot of nervous horses, a very narrow road and a lot of spectators without barriers.

What if some nervous horse trampled on the people?

Making such definitely dangerous course, organizers of Brussels Championship seem to say “Piss off, bastards!”

Image credits:

And finally, despite all the loud shouts that speed kills, we see the very high speed for such technically challenged course.

For comparison, winner’s speed in 2016 Brussels 160 km event was only 17.5 km/h – it was Vincent GAUDRIOT on horse TAHAR DU BARTHAS

And now we see speed of winner from Germany as high as 24.9 km/h for last loop and 22.5 km/h in averageincrease of 5 km/h or 29% in comparison with result in 2016.

And everyone applauded this high speed over 20 km/h. Since 2018, such speed over 20 km/h will be punished with additional rest period for horse.

Screenshot from footage of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival/YouTube

This fact clearly shows that European riders do not intend to slow down their speeds.

What a twist of fate!

Screenshot from footage of Equi TV

How it was possible for the FEI to give the Championship to the hands of Pierre Arnould who once was thrown out of the FEI Endurance Committee for his blames of G7 countries in destroying Endurance sport, saying that “Endurance in the UAE is nothing but an industry of death and cheating”.


And now he received the right to organize Endurance Championship under umbrella of Shaikh Mansoor Festival sponsorship, presented by Ms. Lara Sawaya.

Screenshot from footage of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival/YouTube

Looking at these trophies, are we really talking about equestrian event, not about Porno Oscar Award? It is not clear what the organizers intended to say by presenting such obscene trophies. WHAT A SHAME!

Screenshot from footage of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival/YouTube

We give the idea to Mr. Pierre Arnould and Ms. Lara Sawaya: for next Brussels event use the statuettes of a pissing horse as trophies for EQUESTRIAN event.