Dirty business of Endurance Team Styria


On March 4, 2017 the HM The King’s Cup Endurance ride was held in Bahrain. Results of this event on the FEI website show no Catastrophic Injuries, but the video footage from this endurance ride is clearly showing the obvious horse fracture, and we published an article on April 3 – Hidden fractures in Bahrain King’s Cup Endurance Ride: http://fair-endurance.com/hidden-fractures-in-bahrain-king-s-cup-endurance-ride/.

After publication of our article, Foreign Vet Delegate for the event, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD, hailing from Saudi Arabia was suspended by the FEI on April 6. His suspension came into effect just 1 day before another big event in Bahrain – HH Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Endurance Cup where Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD was supposed to be officiating as Foreing Vet Delegate.

After a week, on 13 April Dr. Mohammed Al Hammad’s suspension was lifted by the FEI…

Reason given by the FEI was a bit strange…

Further investigations made by the FEI concluded that catastrophic injury which happened on 4 March 2017 at the Bahrain International Endurance Village, Sakhir (BRN) occurred during a National Event and not during the CEI.

According to FEI, Dr. Mohammed Al Hammad was not guilty, because the horse fatality was from the National event occurred along with the FEI event and based on this conclusion, his suspension was lifted.

So that means, according to FEI, if a horse fatality happens during ANY National event, regardless of FEI events happening alongside, this does not come under HORSE WELFARE.


Based on the argument submitted by Bahrain NF stating that Catastrophic Injury occurred during CEN ride and thus intentionally MISLEADING the FEI. Bahrain NF stated that injured horse was SAMBA DE L’ILE which participated in CEN 80, and not CEI2* 120.

Please see the video footage clearly showing that the horse injured was from the FEI event.

After this, we published second article on May 23 – Where is [horse] QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN from Bahrain King’s Cup?http://fair-endurance.com/where-is-qalipso-de-kerbreden-from-bahrain-king-s-cup/ – where we published start lists for all rides occurred during King’ Cup, both CEN and CEI with no sign of Samba on it, and also we published full footage from the ride that clearly proves that injured horse was actually QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN from main endurance event CEI 2* 120.

After our second article Bahrain NF said that our published start lists “fictitious”. But Bahrain NF simultaneously declined to publish CEN results that would prove that horse Samba was actually not there on the list.

On 25 July website horse-canada.com published an article by Pippa Cuckson Forgery City about Bahrain Saga, in which Ms. Cuckson reported that Samba had, in fact, died months beforehand from colic.



Our published start lists were taken from official timekeeper of the ride and now we want to tell you how the timekeeper of Bahrain rides involved in manipulating the results and covering up the horse fatality.

Modern Endurance rides often supported with so-called timing system. It is special system for automatic timing of all riders from start of the event and during their arrival from the loops and following entry into vet gate area until the end of the event.

There are several timing systems exist today. One of them is Endurance Team Styria with their official website www.enduranceresults.info

Styria is created by Ing.Harald Grinschgl, FEI Judge and Technical Delegate from Austria.

Mr. Harald Grinschgl is close friend of infamous Dr. Mohammed Al Hammad from Saudi Arabia, the permanent Foreign Vet Delegate in Bahrain, who covered up the fatality of the horse during King’s Cup. Ing.Harald Grinschgl with his timing system is the permanent timekeeper for Bahrain.


Styria has been official timekeeper for many endurance competitions over the years, including all events in Bahrain, and also for latest World Endurance Championship held in Samorin on 17 September 2016.

Back again to article of Pippa Cuckson, Forgery City.

Pippa wrote:

This article has been published a month ago, and still there are no answers from the FEI and Styria never bothered to explain “the mystery of Samba”.
Ignored by the equestrian governing body (FEI) and by timekeeper of World Championship, STYRIA, what a shame!

ON THE PHOTO ABOVE: Mr. Haider Zubi – Executive Manager at Bahrain Royal Equestrian and Endurance Federation (on the left)
and Ing.Harald Grinschgl – THE MANIPULATOR (on the right)

Bahrain Saga – RECAP:

1. Horse Qalipso was catastrophically injured during CEI ride in Bahrain King’s Cup on 4 March 2017.
2. Ing.Harald Grinschgl WITH HIS MAGNIFICENT Styria timing system as official timekeeper of the event was hiding this injury, did not mention CI in their results.
3. Bahrain NF announced that injured horse was actually another horse called Samba from CEN ride.
4. FEI told they were satisfied that injury occurred during CEN, being a non FEI ride, so no violation of FEI rules.
5. FEI futher stated that Styria had not done the timings for any Bahrain CEN this past winter season.
6. Results of CEN rides disappeared from public view on Styria’s website.

And finally, Ing.Harald Grinschgl and his timing system Styria, is involved in this cover-up of Qalipso’s injury, making FAKE results. So, after this, how can we trust STYRIA timing system and their RESULTS?

Remember, Styria was the timekeeper of World Championship in Samorin, where also many questions and complains have been raised about the accuracy of their timing system, when Styria manually changed data in their system.

So, again, how can we trust in these results after all? How can we trust in Styria after such blatant manipulations of results during World Championship?

Maybe, do we need to call results of World Endurance Championship ALSO “fictitious”?

Moreover, Ing.Harald GRINSCHGL sometimes seen himself as Technical Delegate for event with his timing system, for example, for another endurance event in Bahrain in January 2017 and 4 other Events in Bahrain in 2015 and 2016.

OR EVEN AS PRESIDENT OF GROUND JURY for some events in Europe! Can this be called as Conflict of Interest?


For Styria, Endurance is just a money-making business. So, Styria easily covers up the catastrophic injuries, easily manipulates the results (it is absolutely unacceptable!) – doing everything to make their clients happy? How much does this dirty job cost?

Fair Play does not matter for Styria, only money. Cheating, covering up, manipulating is standard practice for Styria? And strangely, FEI is taking no further action on this?


Situation at this moment:

1. Bahrain NF hides the fatality of Qalipso.

2. Foreign Vet Delegate of King’s Cup Dr. Mohammed Al Hammad is not suspended.

3. The FEI does not explain the absence of Samba in the results of CEN rides that is clearly visible on Styria website.

Reason is simple:

The FEI is hoping this scandal to disappear soon, because FEI is planning the FEI 2018 General Assembly, which (surprize!) will be held in Bahrain?

Could it be possible that the FEI is silent about Bahrain saga and does not wish to take further action against Bahrain NF & STYRIA timing system?

Where does the investigation stand now with the fatality of horse Qalipso?

We request the FEI to make thorough investigation of all endurance events held in Bahrain.

Can the FEI answer this?

Do you accept this?

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