ECIU. Where are investigation results on Tryon false start?


Two months have passed since the date of the disgraceful failure in the history of FEI Endurance sport.

During the press conference held in Tryon, the FEI promised to conduct a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding the false start of the Endurance Championship.

But without any investigation, it is completely obvious that the false start is the fault of the organisers and the Ground Jury.

So, two months have already passed – where are the results of investigation?

As always in such cases, conducting the investigation is entrusted to the “independent” Equestrian Community Integrity Unit (ECIU).

The so-called “independence” of ECIU is fiction, because the ECIU is officially established under FEI Statutes (Article 43).

The ECIU is an “Independent Body with its chairperson reporting directly to the FEI President.”

So, all reports about all investigations are reported to the FEI, and never become public.

Can you recall an example when the results of previous investigations of the ECIU were available to the public?

It’s an absolute nonsense to believe that the investigation conducted by the agency established by the FEI and reporting to the FEI President will be truly independent?

Many people asking the same questions about the investigation. For example, read this post on Facebook with legitimate questions:

It is quite clear that the results of investigation will remain secret, since they clearly show that the incompetence of the Ground Jury and illegal actions of the FEI Secretary General are the main cause of the Tryon disaster?

How long will we endure the humiliation of the FEI executives?

It’s time for a big change in Endurance Sport!
The FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez should step down for Tryon disaster!