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Endurance Rules 2020 – Annex 1


The proposed Endurance Rules modifications for 2020 is presented to the National Federations (NFs) in a completely new rule book, with a new structure and revised wording.

We continue a series of articles to review all the new proposed rules, article by article.

Artilce 800 & 801:
Artilce 802 & 803:
Artilce 804 & 805:
Artilce 806 – 808:
Article 809:
Artilce 810 – 812:
Artilce 813 – 815:
Artilce 816:
Artilce 817 – 819:
Artilce 820 – 822:
Artilce 823 – 825:
Artilce 826 – 829:
Artilce 830 – 833:
Artilce 834 – 836:
Artilce 837 – 838:
Artilce 839 – 842:
Artilce 843:
Artilce 844 – 847:
Artilce 848 – 851:
Artilce 852 – 856:
Artilce 857 – 862:
Artilce 863 – 867:

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A.1 Defined terms used in these Endurance Rules (denoted by initial capital letters) have the meaning given to them in this Annex 1, or (if not listed in this Annex 1) have the meaning given to them in the FEI Statutes, FEI General Regulations, FEI Veterinary Regulations, or other applicable FEI Rules and Regulations.

Athlete: as defined in Article 800.4.2.

Best Condition Award: the award described in Article 862 and Annex 2.

Blinkers: a garment fitted over a Horse’s head with holes for the eyes and ears, one or both eyeholes being fitted with cowls cutting out all vision to the rear but permitting full forward vision.

Catastrophic Injury: an injury that, in the opinion of the President of the Veterinary Commission, the President of the Treating Veterinary Commission, and the Foreign Veterinary Delegate requires immediate euthanasia or contributes to the death of a Horse in Competition or as a result of injuries sustained during a Competition, howsoever caused. (For the procedures in the event of a Horse fatality, see Article 840, paragraph 6 of Annex 5, and the FEI Veterinary Regulations).

CEI: as described in Articles 802.1.1 and 802.2.

CEIO: as described in Articles 802.1.2 and 802.3.

Championships: the Endurance championships outlined in Article 802.4.2.

Combination: a Horse and Athlete pair competing in a Competition.

Competition: an FEI Endurance ride in which Athletes are placed in order of merit and for which prizes may be awarded.

Crew Member: a person nominated and permitted to provide assistance to a Combination on the Field of Play.

Definite Entries: the list of confirmed Athlete/Horse entries submitted by a National Federation to participate in a Competition (for Championships and FEI World Equestrian Games, the Athletes/Horses must be selected from the list of Nominated Entries).

Disqualification: as defined in Article 809.5.2.

Elite Athlete Status: the status/recognition given to Athletes who meet the criteria of Article 861.

Endurance: as described in the Preamble to these Endurance Rules.

Endurance Yellow Warning Card: as described in Article 865.1.

Event: as defined in Article 800.1 (an Event may include one or more Competitions).

Failure to Qualify: as defined in Article 809.5.1, and as further detailed in Annex 3 (elimination codes).

FEI Calendar: the calendar of FEI sanctioned events available at:

FEI Rules and Regulations: as defined in Article 800.1.

Field of Play: as defined in Article 813.

Final Horse Inspection: the mandatory Horse Inspection that takes place at the end of the Competition.

First (Pre-Ride) Inspection: the first Horse Inspection that takes place at the start of the Competition, before the first Loop.

Foreign Veterinary Delegate: as defined in the FEI Veterinary Regulations. If no Foreign Veterinary Delegate is appointed, that role will be fulfilled by the Primary Veterinary Delegate.

Hold Time: as described in Article 816.8.

Horse Abuse: see definition of ‘Abuse of Horse’ under the FEI General Regulations and Article 801 of these Endurance Rules. (Horse Abuse is also referred to as ‘Abuse of a Horse’).

Incorrect Behaviour Card: as described in Article 865.2.

Loop: as defined in Article 814.1.

Mandatory Out of Competition Period (or MOOCP): the mandatory period during which a Horse may not compete in any National or FEI Events, as described in Article 839.

National Event: endurance rides organised at the national-level under the jurisdiction of National Federations.

Nominated Entries: the list of Athletes and Horses nominated by a National Federation to participate in a Competition from which the Definite Entries and any substitutions must be chosen.

OC: the committee responsible for organising an Event.

Official Team Competition: a team competition at a CEIO.

Phase: as defined in Article 815.

Serious Injury: a serious injury of a Horse may be classified as musculoskeletal or metabolic:

Serious musculoskeletal injuries include but are not limited to fractures, serious tendon or ligament damage, or muscle injuries that preclude normal ambulation. A Horse that is non-weight-bearing, even if the cause is undiagnosed, must be classified as having a Serious Injury (musculoskeletal).

Serious metabolic injuries include any condition that requires urgent treatment or fails to be completely resolved by treatment at the venue, and (following a vote with at least 2/3 majority) in the opinion of the President of the Veterinary Commission, the President of the Treating Veterinary Commission, and the Foreign Veterinary Delegate requires further assessment and continued appropriate veterinary care beyond the period of Competition. Examples include but are not limited to persistent colic, acute kidney injury, myopathy, collapse, heat stroke, and other metabolic conditions that may compromise the Horse’s health and well-being. If the condition is such that referral is recommended, it must be considered a Serious Injury (metabolic).

Trainer: as defined in Article 800.4.1.

Vet Gate: as defined in Article 813.1.3.

Vetting Area: as defined in Article 816.3.

A.2 In these Endurance Rules, unless expressly specified otherwise:
A.2.1 words importing one gender include the other genders;
A.2.2 words in the singular include the plural, and words in the plural include the singular;
A.2.3 references to Articles and Annexes are references to articles of and annexes to these Rules; references to ‘paragraphs’ are references to provisions in the Annexes;
A.2.4 any reference to a provision in a rule or regulation includes any modifications or successor provisions made or issued from time to time;
A.2.5 any reference to legislation includes any modification or re-enactment of legislation enacted in substitution of that legislation, and any regulation, order-in-council or other instrument from time to time issued or made under that legislation;
A.2.6 any reference to an agreement includes that agreement as modified, supplemented, novated or substituted from time to time;
A.2.7 a reference to ‘writing’ or ‘write’ includes fax and email;
A.2.8 a reference to ‘may’ means ‘in the sole discretion of such person’; a reference to ‘may not’ is a prohibition;
A.2.9 a reference to a person includes natural persons, corporate bodies, and unincorporated bodies (whether or not having separate legal personality), and also includes the legal personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns of such person;
A.2.10 a reference to a ‘day’ means any day of the week and is not limited to working days;
A.2.11 an expression of time refers to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT);
A.2.12 headings and tables of content are for reference only and shall not affect the proper interpretation and application of the Rules or Regulations in question; and
A.2.13 any words following the terms ‘including’, ‘include’, ‘in particular’, ‘such as’, ‘for example’, or any similar expression, shall be construed as illustrative and shall not limit the sense of the words, description, definition, phrase or term preceding those terms.

A.3 In the event of any inconsistency between these Endurance Rules and the FEI Statutes, the FEI Statutes shall prevail. Unless expressly specified otherwise, in the event of any inconsistency between these Endurance Rules and the FEI General Regulations, the FEI General Regulations shall prevail.