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Endurance Rules 2020 – Article 806, 807 & 808


The proposed Endurance Rules modifications for 2020 is presented to the National Federations (NFs) in a completely new rule book, with a new structure and revised wording.

We continue a series of articles to review all the new proposed rules, article by article.

Artilce 800 & 801:
Artilce 802 & 803:
Artilce 804 & 805:

Chapter II “The Competition” consists of 11 articles about Category of Events, Schedule, Weight, Starting Method, etc.

* * *


No Athlete may compete with more than one Horse in any Competition.


807.1 Subject to Article 807.2, the first day of a Competition (for multi-day Competitions), or the day of a Competition (for single-day Competitions), must have a mass start. Horses may not cross the starting line before the signal is given.

807.2 Staggered starts may be used for single day CEI 1* if there are at least 50 starting Combinations, provided that the interval between the first and last Combination to start does not exceed one hour.

807.3 In multi-day Competitions, a mass start or staggered start may be used on any day(s) subsequent to the first day. If a staggered start is used, Combinations must start the following day with the same time interval difference as was recorded at the finish of the day before. This will continue for a period of time (e.g. one hour) to be set at the discretion of the President of the Ground Jury and the Technical Delegate in consultation with the OC. Those remaining after that period will start together.

807.4 If a Combination makes a false start (i.e. crosses the start line of the first Loop before the start signal is given or crosses the start line of subsequent Loops before the Hold Time has been completed), the Combination must return and re-cross the start line. Failure to do so will result in Disqualification. The Combination’s start time will continue to run from when the original start signal was given.

807.5 The start time of any Combination that does not present on time for the start is recorded as if it had started on time. No Combination may start later than 15 minutes after the official start time. Failure to comply with this provision will result in Disqualification.

* * *

New update: the staggered start is now allowed for single day CEI 1*, if there are at least 50 starting combinations.

* * *


808.1 Time is counted from the start signal until the Combination crosses the finish line. The OC must ensure that properly qualified persons (using synchronised time-keeping methods) accurately calculate and record the start and finish times and the speeds of each Combination for each Loop and Phase.

808.2 Where Stewards and/or timekeepers are responsible for time-keeping, they must record the times of each Combination at the start and finish of each timed Loop and Phase.

808.3 Each Combination will be issued a time card or acceptable and reliable alternative after each Phase.

808.4 When the primary time-keeping systems used are electronic (which is recommended for CEI 3*, CEIOs, and Championships), OCs must arrange for alternative power sources and a back-up system for time-keeping and record-keeping to be used if all power sources fail.

* * *

From 2020, the speed will be calculated for each loop (without recovery time) and phase (with recovery time).