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Endurance Rules 2020 – Article 810, 811 & 812


The proposed Endurance Rules modifications for 2020 is presented to the National Federations (NFs) in a completely new rule book, with a new structure and revised wording.

We continue a series of articles to review all the new proposed rules, article by article.

Artilce 800 & 801:
Artilce 802 & 803:
Artilce 804 & 805:
Artilce 806 – 808:
Article 809:

Chapter II “The Competition” consists of 11 articles about Category of Events, Schedule, Weight, Starting Method, etc.

* * *


810.1 All Horses removed (voluntarily or otherwise) from Competition must be presented for Horse Inspection either to the FEI Veterinary Commission or the FEI Treatment Veterinary Panel immediately after removal, unless the President of the Veterinary Commission, President of the Treating Veterinary Commission, and Foreign Veterinary Delegate permit the Horse’s immediate transfer from the Field of Play to a pre-authorised treatment centre and the Horse’s veterinary records are updated accordingly. Failure to comply with this Article will result in the issue of an Endurance Yellow Warning Card to the Athlete and Trainer, Disqualification of the Combination, imposition of a 60-day Mandatory Out of Competition Period for the Horse, and the penalty points set out in Article 864.

810.2 A Combination that is Disqualified or designated as Failed to Qualify for any reason must leave the course immediately and may not continue along the course unless there is no viable alternative (which must be agreed by a member of the Ground Jury or, if not available, a Steward).

* * *

Very strange proposal to present for Veterinary Inspection any Horse removed (voluntarily or otherwise) from Competition immediately after removal.

What if a horse was removed being on the loop and there is no physical possibility to reach the vet gate immediately?

* * *


811.1 For all CEIs, a pre-ride briefing must be conducted. Attendance is mandatory for all Athletes, Trainers, Chefs d’Equipe (if applicable), Officials, and Veterinarians. Attendance is recommended but not required for Crew Members.

811.2 For Championships (and test events for those Championships), the pre-ride briefing must be conducted in English. There are no mandatory language requirements for the pre-ride briefing at CEIs.

* * *

If attendance is mandatory, then what penalty will be imposed for those did not attend the pre-ride briefing?

* * *


Provisions on veterinary control and treatment during Competition are set out at Annex 5 and in the FEI Veterinary Regulations.

* * *

All articles regarding veterinary control and veterinary treatment are moved to the separate Annex.