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Endurance Rules 2020 – Article 820, 821 & 822


The proposed Endurance Rules modifications for 2020 is presented to the National Federations (NFs) in a completely new rule book, with a new structure and revised wording.

We continue a series of articles to review all the new proposed rules, article by article.

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Chapter III “The Course/Field of Play” consists of articles about Loops, Recovery area, Phases, Vet Gate, Course Design, Dress Code, etc.

* * *


820.1 A Combination must complete the entire course in the correct order and direction as marked on the course plan/map. Subject to Article 820.2, if a Combination fails to do so it will be Disqualified.

820.2 If a Combination makes an error on the course, the Ground Jury may (if it considers it feasible to do so) allow that Combination to correct the error by returning to the place where the error started. If the Combination fails to do so, it will be Disqualified. If the Ground Jury considers that correcting an error on course is not feasible and/or in the best interests of the Horse, it may determine an alternative that will require the Combination to complete an equivalent distance over the same type of terrain, such distance to be made up within the same Loop, so that the Combination still passes through each Vet Gate in the correct order and within the relevant time limits. In such cases, the Combination will receive a certificate of completion and be designated as Finished not Ranked. The Athlete and Horse may not be considered for the Best Condition Award, and its performance may not count for individual or team classifications.


821.1 An Event may be postponed and/or cancelled as set out in the FEI General Regulations. OCs are encouraged to anticipate the possible need to delay (by up to 30 hours), reschedule, and/or cancel an Event and evacuate the venue. For CEIOs and Championships, the OC should include reference to such potential in its Competition Schedule.

821.2 A decision to postpone and/or cancel an Event must be notified as soon as reasonably practicable to the Athletes and/or (if applicable) Chefs d’Equipe, as well as the OC, time-keeping team, and all Event Officials, and in any event before the start of the Competition or (if the Competition has started) before the next Loop.


822.1 An Athlete may lead or follow his Horse on the course, but must be mounted to pass through the start line of any day and the end line of the day’s final Loop. Failure to comply with this provision will result in Disqualification.

822.2 Once the Combination has started, no one other than the Athlete may lead or ride the Horse on the course. Failure to comply with this provision will result in Disqualification.

822.3 A Combination that wilfully obstructs an overtaking Combination will be Disqualified. This is not intended to prevent a contest for placing, but rather is intended to apply where the slower Combination is being lapped or passed because (for example) it is travelling at a significantly slower pace or having equipment issues.

822.4 Permitted assistance:

822.4.1 The Competition Schedule must detail what assistance (crewing) may be given to Combinations during a Competition, and in particular where such assistance is allowed on the course and within Vet Gates. The designated areas on a course where crewing is permitted are called ‘crew points‘.

822.4.2 There must be at least 5km between crew points. Crewing outside the designated crew points is prohibited and will result in Disqualification. However:
(a) It remains the responsibility of the Athlete to manage his Horse according to the climate and conditions, and if a Horse needs urgent assistance to protect its welfare, the Athlete must stop his Horse to obtain such assistance. A failure to do so, or otherwise preventing the Horse from obtaining such assistance, may be considered as Horse Abuse. Misuse of this provision to gain an unfair advantage will result in Disqualification. A Horse that receives urgent assistance may also be designated as Failed to Qualify for veterinary (or other) reasons.
(b) A Combination may be assisted at any time if an Athlete falls or is otherwise separated from his Horse, or if the Horse loses a shoe. The Athlete must remount and/or continue in the Loop from the point at which he dismounted, left the course or required intervention.

822.4.3 There are also separate designated areas on the course at least every 10 km where drinking water will be provided for Horses (see Article 814.4.7).

* * *

Crewing outside the designated crew points is prohibited and will result in Disqualification.

* * *

822.5 Prohibited assistance: An Athlete or Trainer who receives or provides the following assistance will receive an Endurance Yellow Warning Card, and in the event of a breach of Articles 822.5.5, 822.5.6 and/or 822.5.7 will also be Disqualified:

822.5.1 being followed, preceded or accompanied on any part of the course by any person on foot, on bicycle, or in a motorised vehicle;

822.5.2 being followed, preceded or accompanied by any motorised vehicle on any access track adjacent to the course;

822.5.3 encouraging a Horse during the trot in the Vetting Area (except that the person trotting the Horse may use limited verbal encouragement);

822.5.4 cutting wire fences or altering a part of an enclosure on or within the course so as to clear a way, or cutting down trees or eliminating challenges or altering technical aspects of the course;

822.5.5 providing or accepting any assistance on any part of the course not specifically designated for such assistance;

822.5.6 a person on the course (other than the Athlete) encouraging the Horse by any means whatsoever; or

822.5.7 accepting any intervention by a person not authorised to assist the Combination, whether solicited or not, with the object of advantaging the Athlete or his Horse.