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Endurance Rules 2020 – Article 844, 845, 846 & 847


The proposed Endurance Rules modifications for 2020 is presented to the National Federations (NFs) in a completely new rule book, with a new structure and revised wording.

We continue a series of articles to review all the new proposed rules, article by article.

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Chapter VI “Invitations and Entries” consists of articles about Invitations, Entries, Declaration of starters, Maximum number of starters.

* * *


844.1 Number of entries:
844.1.1 The number of Horses that may be entered for an Event must comply with the Competition Schedule.
844.1.2 Subject to Articles 843 and 847, under no circumstances may the OC limit the number of entries of eligible Athletes or teams for an FEI Championship.

844.2 National Federations:
844.2.1 Only National Federations may enter Athletes and their respective Horses in an Event. National Federations may enter only Athletes and Horses who meet the qualification criteria set out in these Endurance Rules or other applicable FEI Rules and Regulations.
844.2.2 The OC may not accept any entries other than those received from National Federations. The OC must accept any entries by National Federations from nations other than the nation where the Event will be staged (i.e. the OC must accept entries for foreign Athletes).
844.2.3 A National Federation may not make Definite Entries for the same Athletes, Horses or Combinations for Events held on the same dates. If it does, the Athlete, Horse or Combination (as applicable) will be Disqualified from the Event in which it participates.

844.3 Deadlines for Nominated and Definite Entries:
844.3.1 For Championships and World Equestrians Games:
(a) Nominated Entries and Definite Entries must be made in accordance with the FEI General Regulations. All reserve Horses must be on the Nominated Entries list.
(b) Where a National Federation has made a Nominated Entry of a team and finds that it will be unable to send a team, it must immediately inform the OC.
844.3.2 For CEIs and CEIOs:
(a) There are no Nominated Entries.
(b) Definite Entries must reach the OC at the latest four days prior to the beginning of the Event. After the Definite Entries have been sent in, substitutions of Horses and/or Athletes may only be made in exceptional circumstances and with the express permission of the OC (see Article 846).

844.4 Details to be included with entries:
Entries for Athletes and Horses must include their names, Trainer, FEI registration numbers (FEI ID), and, where appropriate, qualifications.

844.5 Reserve Horses:
844.5.1 For CEIs, each Athlete may bring one reserve Horse to the Competition, subject to the ability of the OC to accommodate the Horse (this must be clearly indicated on the Competition Schedule). These reserve Horses must be duly entered in the Competition under the Athlete’s name and a second entry fee, to be determined by the OC, must be paid by the Athlete. The Athlete may trot up both of his Horses at the First (Pre-Ride) Inspection (provided that the Horses are duly entered in their names). If a Horse is entered by more than one Athlete for a Competition, it will only be required to undergo the First (Pre-Ride) Inspection once.
844.5.2 For CEIOs and Championships, each National Federation may send Horses up to the maximum shown in the Competition Schedule from the list of Definite Entries, subject to the ability of the OC to accommodate them. The OC must allow each team up to two reserve Horses.
844.5.3 Each Athlete, other Person Responsible, and Chef d’Equipe (if applicable) is responsible for arranging the proper supervision, care, and feeding of any reserve Horse(s) that are present at but not participating in the Event.

844.6 Withdrawals and no shows:
844.6.1 Subject to Article 809.5.3, an Athlete may withdraw any or all his Horses from a Competition, but he may not add a Horse not previously entered for that Competition without the approval of the OC and the Ground Jury.
844.6.2 Teams or Athletes in the Definite Entries for an Event that fail to take part without valid excuse must be reported by the Foreign Judge/Technical Delegate to the FEI Secretary General, who may take action against them before the FEI Tribunal. Competing at another Event staged at the same time is not a valid excuse for failure to participate at an Event.
844.6.3 Athletes must reimburse the OC for the financial loss incurred by the OC (i.e. stabling and hotel expenses) as a result of late withdrawal or no shows after the date of Definite Entries.

* * *

Teams or Athletes that fail to take part without valid excuse must be reported to the FEI Secretary General, who may take action against them before the FEI Tribunal.

* * *


845.1 At CEIs, each Athlete must declare to the Ground Jury which Horse (entered in his name) he will ride in the Competition immediately following the First (Pre-Ride) Inspection.

845.2 At CEIOs and Championships, the Chefs d’Equipe must declare in writing to the Secretariat of the OCs (i) the names of the Athletes definitely starting, and (ii) the names of the Horses partnered with those Athletes, chosen from the names included on the official entry forms. Declaration of starters by the Chef d’Equipe or his representative will take place within one to three hours after the First (Pre-Ride) Inspection of the Horses, at the discretion of the President of the Ground Jury.


846.1 After the deadline for Definite Entries:
846.1.1 substitution of Horses and/or Athletes may only be made with the permission of the National Federation and the OC, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld. All substituted Horses and/or Athletes must be correctly qualified for the Competition;
846.1.2 the registered Trainer of a Horse taking part in the Competition may not be substituted. In the event of a change in registered Trainer, Article 828.3 applies.

846.2 If an accident or illness of an Athlete or a Horse occurring between the declaration of starters and the start of the Competition makes it impossible for that Athlete or Horse to take part in the Competition, substitutions may be made up to two hours before the start of the Competition. The following conditions must be met: (i) a certificate of the condition from an officially recognised physician for the Athlete, or from a Veterinary surgeon/Team Veterinarian for the Horse, (ii) the substitution Athlete and/or Horse is correctly qualified for the Competition, and (iii) permission of the President of the Ground Jury.

846.3 An Athlete and/or a Horse may be replaced only by another Athlete or Horse or by a Combination that has been duly entered in the Competition, and provided that the Horse has passed the First (Pre-Ride) Inspection.


For each Event, there may be a maximum of 200 starters per Competition and a maximum of 400 starters per day, subject in each case to space at the venue and an appropriate ratio of Athletes to Officials (see Annex 6).

* * *

There may be a maximum of 200 starters per Competition and a maximum of 400 starters per day.