European Championship of Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival from UAE


European Endurance Championship 2017 is part of 3-day event named as Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters.

Brussels event is sponsored by Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival from UAE. This is sad irony, if you remember how many European Federations published their anti-UAE statements a few months ago.

Just to recap.

Denmark: the Danish Equestrian Federation’s board of directors decided to stop for all Danish distance participation in the UAE.
Statement translated by Google, see original here:

Sweden: Swedish Equestrian Federation will suspend sending some riders and horses to endurance races in the G7 countries.
Statement translated by Google, see original here:

Norway: no Norwegian horses and riders will be entered into any competition in [UAE ]countries.
Statement translated by Google, see original here:

Great Britain:
See original here:

See original here:

So, several endurance organisations in Europe (Great Britain, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark) have banned their riders, to ride in the UAE; Belgium suggest it to their riders.

In Germany, Board of the German Equestrian Olympic Committee (DOKR) has decided, that until further notice, no German rider will get permission to start at international endurance rides in Dubai. Also, the Board asks the organisers of endurance rides in Germany not to invite any riders from the UAE anymore.
Statement translated by Google, see original here:—fn—dokr/distanzreiten-keine-startgenehmigungen-mehr-fuer-deutsche-reiter-bei-internationalen-turnieren-in-dubai

So, European federations prohibit their riders to go to UAE, but now they send their riders with pleasure to Brussels for European Championship under patronage of Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival from UAE. Indeed crazy world!

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As you already know, Executive Director of Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival is Ms. Lara Sawaya from Lebanon that gives the money to people which previously called UAE “industry of death”.

Moreover, German NF banned all UAE riders from competing in Germany just because these riders are from UAE.

It is absolutely racist decision!

Some riders acted against this racist decision, for instance, Belinda HITZLER.

She has the strong Endurance experience for many years: she participated in almost 70 FEI competitions for last 15 years.
She was Number 3 in 2016 and Number 1 in 2015 in FEI Rankings among all German Endurance riders.

So, she is real rider, not NF bureaucrat, and she has to be listened.

Belinda HITZLER published her own statement about decision of German National Federation to prohibit all German riders to compete in UAE. She posted it in Facebook group “”.


The FEI and National Federations manipulate their riders. National Federations prohibit riders to compete in UAE, but send them to championship where UAE flags fluttered.

So, all this media hysteria is hyped by people who are not FEI riders – but they want to control Endurance sport and they want to control the real FEI riders!


In 2015 the FEI banned UAE for horse welfare issues.
In 2016 the FEI removed World Championship from UAE raising horse welfare concerns.
In 2017 the FEI is accepting the Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Festival from UAE for sponsorship of European Championship.


Think twice before you will go to Brussels to ride under flags of sponsor from UAE.

Don’t allow FEI and National Federations to manipulate you and order you where you may go and where you may not. They are not your bosses, they are to serve you.