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FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibáñez is responsible for the Agenda Item 20 on Endurance rules


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If you look carefully at the agenda of the General Assembly in Moscow, you may notice one oddity.

Agenda items from 15 to 22 are dedicated to Approval of modifications to rules by every discipline.

And look who will be the speakers for every discipline!

15. JUMPING – Chair/JPR
JPR means John P. Roche, Director of FEI Jumping

Photo FEI

16. DRESSAGE – Chair/BDR
21. VAULTING – Chair/ BDR
22. REINING – Chair/ BDR
BDR means Bettina de Rham, Director of FEI Dressage, Para Dressage, Vaulting & Reining

Photo FEI

18. EVENTING – Chair/CNO
CNO means Catrin Norinder, Director of FEI Eventing & Olympic

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MBM means Manuel Bandeira de Mello, Director of FEI Endurance & Driving

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So, as you see, Directors of relevant departments will be the speakers for the topic about modifications of the rules.

And look at Endurance!

SG means FEI Secretary General, Sabrina Ibáñez.

Photo FEI

Why is the Director of FEI Endurance & Driving Mr. Manuel Bandeira de Mello not a speaker for the topic about modifications of the Endurance rules?

Why does Sabrina Ibáñez take this topic into her own hands?

What is her role?

Do you remember how the Endurance rules were approved at General Assembly in 2017 when it was obvious that Manuel de Mello was not doing his job properly and Sabrina Ibáñez constantly intervened?

Watch the replay of that moments:

Or, do you remember how Sabrina Ibáñez intervened in the work of the Ground Jury in Tryon?

And now it will happen again!

Sabrina Ibáñez herself will decide the fate of Endurance discipline.

What is her interest?

* * *

Updated on November 20:

Actually, the FEI President Ingmar De Vos himself was moderating the voting on Endurance rules.