French Endurance: The Hypocritical Saga Continues


It was very nice weekend in the neighborhoods of Negrepelisse where FEI World Championship for Young Horses was held.

Track was not easy, more technical, like in many other places in Europe, but without any dangerous obstacles. Percentage of eliminations was slightly high – 60% of participants have not finished.

All in all, the Championship has been organized very well. Very nice and friendly atmosphere of the event left pleasant impressions.

There was the best cooling system ever – should be “a must have” for all the organizers of big events.

Security was solid – guards worked conscientiously.

It was very funny to see the new local money called “the tickets”. You need to change Euros for these tickets to buy some food and drinks in cafe.

The only negative factor was the small trees on trot lines – they disturbed the horses.

Also organizers could provide the rest area with tents – they didn’t, so every participant was forced to prepare his rest area on his own. In such hot weather, there was not enough tents.

There was shopping area, that is very good for any competition.

All the objects were arranged compactly – thumbs up for the OC!

And, of course, there was very nice Closing Ceremony with parachute jumpers who brought the prizes from the sky.

Photo: Facebook / Adnan Al Nuaimi

So, there was the really FAIR PLAY in Negrepelisse, and we are awarding this event with our APPROVED stamp. Well done!

If you have any information about unfair play or any violations of the rules during this event, please send us your information to [email protected]


There is an equestrian news website, which is publishing in several languages: English, French, German. And the content of this website is not the same for different languages.

There is only two articles in German version of website:
A little bit more articles in English version of website:
And a much more articles in French version of website:

This website started a poll with the question: should the UAE be sanctioned by the FEI after the tragedy at WEC?
It is very strange, that this very important question is discussed only in French version, because obviously, English is the more global language for Endurance, and many non-French-speaking persons could vote in this poll.

Anyway, the poll result is quite expected:

Ok, 96.7% of some people want to sanction the UAE. But, again, who are all these voting people? Are they FEI riders? Or are they some horse lovers who just see the ugly pictures in the news but never ever competed in Endurance for FEI level?

If you want to know the opinion of the real FEI riders – see the pictures below.

Almost 100 French riders took part in the competitions in Negrepelisse. As you know, this Championship was sponsored and supported by the UAE.
There are almost 750 riders registered in FEI database for Endurance in France in 2016. And 100 of them took part in these competitions – it is a large share!

All the riders from France and other European countries and all the FEI officials were wearing the bibs where you can see two flags (France and UAE).

The FEI Director of Endurance applauded and European riders took the prize from the UAE. This picture shows their attitude to the UAE.

Photo: Facebook / Adnan Al Nuaimi

Winners of these competition are making a winner gesture of three fingers which is special for Arab countries (see top photo of the article).

After finish, sponsors have invited all the winners and all the officials to come to Abu Dhabi in November for the big endurance event, and nobody at the venue who have been invited, did not decline this invitation publicly.

All invited people accepted this invitation with a smile.

What does it mean? There are only two answers.

  1. European social media show their duplicity and hypocrisy. You blame UAE and the same time you participate in the events sponsored by UAE and take their prizes.
  2. Endurance society (especially in France) is really divided into two parts. One part wants to ban UAE forever, and another part sees no problem with doing business with UAE.

UAE is the only country that invests a lot of money in this sport. France is country number 1 for selling the horses to UAE. Many big endurance competitions in France are sponsored and supported by UAE.

If you want to remove the UAE entirely from this sport, first ask the real FEI riders, what they think about this. If they support this decision, why they still participate in all events under UAE flag?

Maybe the FEI itself should start such poll about UAE among the real FEI riders.

Banning the UAE is not the right decision. And many FEI riders understand this. All this hype in social media and scandalous articles by Pippa Cuckson will not help the solving this issue. The compromise solution should be found.


By the FEI rules, rider whose horse received Catastrophic Injury, will get penalty points. It is his personal punishment. We should sanction riders, not the whole countries.

Death of Ajayeb is not a killing, it is really just a tragic accident. Like you called an accident the injury of horse Padoue Blue in Fontainebleau in April. Rider was penalized for this accident, not the whole country.

So, stop your hypocrisy. European riders want to participate in the events sponsored by the UAE. It is a fact, and numerous articles of Pippa Cuckson will not change it. Don’t blame the UAE. The conflict is not the solution. We have to find a compromise for all.

Top photo of the article: Facebook / Adnan Al Nuaimi