Goddess of Endurance sport – LADY BOSS Sabrina


To remind our readers the background of Tryon fiasco, read our previous article:

Endless cynicism of the FEI

The WEG 2018 has passed, and the FEI bosses have already forgotten what they have done.

Dreams and hopes of dozens of teams, thousands of dollars spent on the trip – everything was buried in total and reckless unprofessionalism of the FEI and organisers.

Of course, there is no hope that the championship will be held again or that participants will be reimbursed?

All the riders, grooms, trainers are demonstrating the surprising unanimity in their opinions: this is the fault of the organisers, including the FEI.

They have not apologised and/or acknowledged publicly that the event was disrupted due to their lack of professionalism.

But the FEI bosses think otherwise.

They decided to use this video as a basis for punishment of one of the participants.

Dr Ignasi Casas Vaque who sits as Deputy Chair of the FEI Endurance Technical Committee and acted as Chef d’Equipe of the Spanish Endurance team in Tryon.

The FEI opens disciplinary case against him.

So what about the officials who made the mistakes for giving a false start?

Where is the investigation report?

FEI has a democratic setup as far as we all understand! Now this has been changed by Sabrina?

When people react due to the negligence and misconduct of FEI! And people spending money to come and win and not for the games played by Sabrina & her team.

The lack of vet gate facilities and tracks were pointed out during the TEST EVENT and why the FEI and appointed Foreign Technical Delegate didn’t do anything?

Instead the Foreign Technical Delegate was seen sitting and crying like a baby!

Read the FEI press release on this matter: https://inside.fei.org/news/fei-bureau-sets-temporary-committee-create-roadmap-future-endurance

“In a further development, the Bureau has provisionally relieved Ignasi Casas Vaque (ESP) of his rights and duties as Deputy Chair and Member of the Endurance Committee due to pending legal proceedings for alleged incorrect behaviour at the FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2018.

The FEI Legal Department last week initiated a disciplinary action against Dr Casas Vaque, based on evidence provided to the independent Equestrian Community Integrity Unit during its investigation into the cancelled Endurance event in Tryon (USA) on 12 September 2018. Any additional disciplinary actions against other individuals involved in events at Tryon last month will be announced in due course.”

The FEI has reviewed above-mentioned video footage and alleges that Spanish Chef d’Equipe incited and provoked people to enter the vet gate area for the purpose of protesting against the decision to cancel the Endurance competition. Also, Ignasi Casas Vaque engaged in incorrect behaviour by acting aggressively and inappropriately towards the officials and making death threats against the President of the Ground Jury. The FEI proposes the imposition of the following sanctions: a two year period of suspension and a fine of CHF 2,000.

The FEI failed the organisation of the championship, and now they decided to open a disciplinary case against the person who was frustrated by their incompetence that led to total disaster?

Do you support this absurdity?

Who is responsible for Endurance failure in Tryon?

At any competition the main decision-maker is the President of Ground Jury.

As you can see at above-mentioned video, the REAL decision-maker in Tryon event was not the President of Ground Jury, but this LADY BOSS somehow gave all decisions concerning the sport!


Who has given Sabrina Ibáñez to do this?

Is this correct?

The problem is that this LADY BOSS interfered with the work of the Ground Jury – this is unacceptable!

A completely weak and useless man was appointed as President of the Ground Jury, and he kept silent all the way and did not say a single word. He looks like a puppet in the hands of this LADY BOSS.

It is clear to everyone that the false start in the morning was the fault of the officials. And now the officials correct their mistake at the expense of riders.

But this decision was made and announced not by the Ground Jury, but by this LADY BOSS who does not have the authority to intervene in the work of the Ground Jury.

So, this LADY BOSS decided to make a restart of the ride despite the protests of many teams.

It was probably done in order to avoid lawsuits from national federations for the cancellation of the competition due to the incompetent organisation of the championship.

Readers are clever enough to understand the wrong doings of Sabrina Ibáñez and her team.

Almost half of participating nations signed the protest to cancel the ride completely after the false start. And requested the FEI to reshedule the event in another place chosen by the FEI in about 4 months:

  1. Kuwait
  2. China
  3. Spain
  4. India
  5. Costa Rica
  6. UAE
  7. Belgium
  8. Bermuda
  9. Netherlands
  10. Slovakia
  11. Japan
  12. Bahrain
  13. Portugal
  14. Uruguay
  15. Saudi Arabia
  16. Ireland
  17. South Africa

But LADY BOSS did not listen to these riders! She announced her decision without any attempt to discuss possible alternatives offered by several chefs d’equipe.

It looks like all the members of Ground Jury were obedient performers of her will, and athletes were merely slaves, who have deprived of any rights.

LADY BOSS ordered to make a restart of the ride which ended in a shameful halt of the competition, and 53 horses went to the clinic with one horse died.

Was it the goal pursued by the organisers and the FEI since the morning of that day?

World Championship has become the worst nightmare for all the riders. Who is personally responsible for this?

Here is that person who was the real ruler during the competition and is in fault for Tryon fiasco:

Meet the LADY BOSS Sabrina The Infallible!

Also knows as Sabrina Ibáñez – the FEI Secretary General.

It seems that Sabrina Ibáñez thinks she is a Monarch?!

It seems that Sabrina Ibáñez thinks she can rule as she pleases?

It seems that Sabrina Ibáñez is confident that she can interfere with the work of Ground Jury in the World Championship?

It is the conflict of interest!
It violates the principles of fair play!
Will the FEI Legal department open disciplinary case against Sabrina Ibáñez using the same video footage as evidence of this violation?

Sabrina Ibáñez arrived to Tryon a couple of weeks before the beginning of the WEG, and she clearly saw that nothing would be ready in time for Endurance competition.

Nevertheless, Sabrina Ibáñez allowed the World Endurance Championship to be held on an unprepared site, creating risks for the welfare of horses and riders. Why?

Sabrina Ibáñez allowed this total disaster to happen?

It looks like Sabrina Ibáñez thinks that all athletes are slaves who do not have the right to express their opinions?

And the one who does it is immediately arrested during the competition!

Police should have no place on the field of sports!

Now it is time to say “Stop!”

Sabrina Ibáñez crossed the line.

Sabrina Ibáñez forgot that she is just a hired manager that can be removed from office at any time and replaced by another person.

We, all the athletes and the National Federations are paying the money for her massive salary.

And in return we get disdain and disrespect from Sabrina Ibáñez.

Sabrina Ibáñez should step down for lack of respect to all Endurance riders around the world, for creating the risks to the welfare of horses, for large money losses of participants, for unacceptable interference with the work of the officials, for violations of the principles of fair play and for failing the organisation of World Endurance Championship 2018.

After what happened, do you think such a person like Sabrina Ibáñez should represent the FEI and hold the position of the FEI Secretary General?

All stake holders should decide!

To be continued…