H.H. The President of United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup 2017


Image credits: YAS Sports / Twitter

H.H. The President of United Arab Emirates Endurance Cup was held at Emirates International Endurance Village in Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi.

The event attracted leading international riders from Americas, Europe and Asia as well as many local riders from the UAE and other GCC countries.

205 riders started at 6:30 in the morning for the distance of 160 km divided into 6 loops: 40 km, 33 km, 24 km, 23 km, 20 km, 20 km.

Winner of the ride is Saeed Mohd Khalifa Al Mehairi on SHADDAD, 13 years old bay gelding from MRM Stables. He finished the distance in 6 hours 20 minutes 51 seconds with average speed of 25.207 km/h and left home by luxury MERCEDES-BENZ.
SHADDAD has participated under UAE flag in 8 FEI rides for last 2 years and finished 6 times.

Second place was taken by Khalifa Ali Khalfan Al Jahoori on 8 MINUTE, 11 years old chestnut mare from Al Wathba Stables. He finished after 2 minutes 58 seconds after the winner and took the RANGE ROVER SPORT 4WD car.

Third winner is Suhail Ali Rashed Ali Al Ghailani on KALIFA, 19 years old grey gelding from Al Wathba Stables. This winner is among the 8 top winners that were awarded by NISSAN PATROL 4WD cars.
KALIFA has participated under UAE flag in 9 FEI rides since 2010 and finished 6 times. Now this horse is 19 years old and just successfully finished 160 km with average speed of 24.978 km/h.

After top 10 winners, also 67 riders have successfully finished and were awarded by cash prizes of AED 100,000 (which is about EUR 25,000) per each rider.

From 205 started horses, 77 are finished and 128 were eliminated. Unfortunately, one horse received Catastrophic Injury in Loop 4 – DR INDIO, raising the death toll in Al Wathba to 4 in the current season.

Despite the attempts of some countries to boycott the UAE, just look at international riders that were invited and participated here. They came from France, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Great Britain, Russia, Portugal, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Poland.

So, stop to play political games with your petitions. Allow your riders to compete where they want to compete.

And the people who are making these petitions with no active role in Endurance!
Beware of them!