HM The King’s Cup Endurance Ride Championship


The King’s Cup 2016. Image credits:

As we previously reported, The King of Bahrain Endurance Cup was postponed due to severe storm.

We glad to know that now the weather in Bahrain is sunny, and The King’s Cup is being held this weekend.

On Saturday, 4th March 2017 there will be three FEI rides: CEI 2* 120 km, CEI JY2* 120 km, CEI 1* 80 km, and National Qualifiers.

For 120 km there are 37 Senior Riders from Bahrain, UAE, USA, Morocco, and India, they will start at 7 AM, and 17 Junior Riders from Bahrain, Spain, and UAE, they will start at 7.30 AM.

Riders for 80 km and National Qualifiers will start at 7.45 AM.

The event will be broadcasted live by TV, and all interested people can follow this great competition.

His Majesty The King of Bahrain and Sheikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa are doing a lot for development and support of Endurance sport in their country.

So we wish good luck to all competitors and will follow the news.