OK, people, you are talking about “the horse hell” in UAE and requested the FEI to remove the World Endurance Championship from Dubai.

You are blaming the UAE for killing a bunch of horses in Endurance rides.

But, please ask yourself, where are all these horses from?

The FEI Database has over 10.000 horses registered in UAE for Endurance discipline. We have checked the profiles of EVERY horse from UAE. And the surprise-surprise: France is among the top three countries of birth of UAE horses!

So, indeed the fact is that hypocritical horse-owners from France are selling their horses to that place they called “the horse hell”!

Why are they doing this? Answer is simple: it’s all about money. Money rules the world. Money rules even hypocritical horse-owners from France.

On the one hand, they are blaming the UAE, and on the other hand, they are selling their horses to “the horse hell” in the same time!

Absolute hypocrisy of French horse-owners!