Horse welfare in Europe is in danger


Image credits: BBC Sport

The world is watching what is happening in the equestrian sport. At this moment there is not very good situation. This year has brought a lot of new equestrian victims.

During current season there were 5 horse deaths (as we know) just in Europe. We talk about Europe because this year a lot of horse deaths occurred in Europe.

Top European country for Endurance horse deaths is France, sadly. Three horses were put down in Fontainebleau, two of them on the same day.

Were there just accidents or were horses ridden to death? It is NOT the question we should ask now. Fact is fact, all horses died.

And how many horses will die in the future rides in this place – who knows?

It is an alarm that can not be ignored.

One fatality is the fortuity.
Two fatalities are the coincidence.
Three fatalities are the regularity.

There were three horse catastrophic injuries in Endurance tracks in one country just in 2 weeks. Too much for ordinary accidents.

Changes need to be made. Event organizers must draw the correct conclusions.

And the FEI should act on this issue as the worldwide equestrian governing body.

But the equestrian governing body keeps the silence. There were no mentions about these accidents on the FEI website.

It looks like the FEI is trying to hide all bad news under the carpet.

But we can’t keep silence as the FEI is doing.

If you don’t acknowledge the problem aloud, it is impossible to solve it.

Horse welfare in Europe is in danger.

Will the FEI make any step on this issue?

Will the FEI sign the agreement with French NF to reduce the heart rate and recovery time for all Endurance events in France to protect the horse welfare as it was signed with UAE NF?

Will the FEI sign the agreement with organizers of Fontainebleau about improving the track safety?

Or even will the FEI ban the venues where fatalities occurred until finding all the circumstances and causes of horse deaths?

The FEI should keep the equality and non-judgmental attitude to all countries and all venues.

We can guess that the FEI has different attitude to specific countries.

Or we can guess that the FEI does not care about recent horse deaths in Europe.

The whole world is waiting for the actions from the FEI.