Insane Gymkhana in Qatar


Image credits: Wikipedia

FEI Regional Group 7 unites 18 National Federations (NFs).
Only 5 NFs in Group 7 have strong presence in Endurance sport: Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Group 7 is under attack of mass media over horse welfare issues. Let’s look what’s going on in Endurance in Qatar.

This video has been published in January on Instagram account from Qatar.

This is National ride in Qatar – Lusail Endurance Cup CEN 100 km that was held on 07 January 2017.

In this video you see the rider with bib number 4, it’s Rashed Saleh Al Katheir from Saudi Arabia on horse SAQLA KZ, he won this race:


This rider has been disqualified in 2013 for doping case:


Full results of this race you can see on website of Qatar Endurance Committee:

70 horses started, 14 horses finished, attrition rate is 80%. 2 horses eliminated with FTC mark.

The FEI ride was also held at that venue on the same date – CEI1* 80 km, which was ruled by French Ground Jury President Jean Jacques DONZELLI and French Technical Delegate Christian LOZANO.

Obviously, the conditions of conducting CEI ride were the same as conditions of conducting CEN ride, so we can guess that participants of CEI ride were also jumbled together with a bunch of cars.

So, whether the Technical Delegate from France mentioned such things in his TD report to the FEI?

Endurance rides in Qatar as we see it are look like madhouse.

Where is horse welfare? Where are all the fighters for the horse welfare?

Organizers in other countries of Group 7 have made a big progress in conducting their rides, compared with rides in Qatar as we see in the video.

See the absolutely civilized competition in Abu Dhabi and compare it with the video from Qatar.

What has been called “insane gymkhana” about rides in UAE a few years ago, still exists and continues in other countries of Group 7 – and nobody talks about it.

No press release from the FEI about horse welfare issues in Qatar. Why?
No posts in the equestrian media about this awful video from Qatar. Why?

The most interesting thing is official fatality statistics in Qatar.

We researched the official results of FEI rides since 2010 in Qatar: 100 competitions, 2508 horses started, 1 official fatality (CATAGUASES CSM in 2015) and 98 horses eliminated with FTC or EL mark. Fatality rate in Qatar is 0.04% for 7 years or 0.0056% average per year.

While watching this terrible video from Qatar, it is hard to believe that official average fatality rate per year in Qatar (0.0056%) is 25 times less than fatality rate in France in 2016 (0.14%).

Many countries don’t show what happens inside their events, so you can calm yourselves that all is OK in other countries.

If there are no official fatalities in other countries, so you make no posts in the news, no online petitions, no open letters to your National Federations from worried people.

If you see no evil and hear no evil, you speak no evil.