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“it’s only 60kg so not too much of an ask”


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Carol Hayter also known as Marianne Ironside was the former leader of Clean Endurance group from which she was expelled in April 2019. Since then she started to work for Tarek Taher and created the “separatist” group called Clean Endurance International.

Photo Marianne Ironside/Facebook

Mr. Tarek Taher is a member of the Endurance Temporary Committee and thus one of the authors of the new Endurance Rules 2020.

Photo Tarek Taher/ Facebook

Below the Facebook post published by Tarek Taher, Marianne/Carol published her reply to Brian Dunn’s comment about the minimum weight for Young Riders and Juniors:

So, Marianne/Carol thinks that 60 kg is not too much of an ask.

Why not ask the juniors themselves?

Tarek and Marianne/Carol like to use surveys to find out the people’s opinion.

So do we!

We launch the survey to ask Young Riders and Juniors what they think about 60 kg.

Please fill and share this survey by the link: