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Article updated on October 16, see P.S. in yellow square below.

Do you remember that in the beginning of September, two documents arose in public in German Endurance Community?

First was the letter to the FEI from the Presidium of German Endurance Association (VDD).

It was published in German and English on German Endurance website here: https://vdd-aktuell.de/2018-09-briefe-aus-dem-praesidium-an-die-fn-und-fei-zur-entwicklung-im-internationalen-distanzsport/

The second document was entitled as Open letter to the FEI from 6 German FEI Endurance Veterinarians.

It was published on German Endurance website here: https://vdd-aktuell.de/2018-09-open-letter-to-the-fei-from-6-german-fei-endurance-veterinarians/

We dissect the text of this open letter of 6 vets – let’s call them Les Misérables Véts – like the heroes of one of the greatest novels of the 19th century by Victor Hugo.

Letter of these Misérables Véts looks like a slander of offended losers who wrote a meaningless text, the essence of which is the following:

  • Big rides are well organised and have all possible facilities for horse and rider – apparently, in their opinion, this is bad for fair play and horse welfare. (Deutsche Logik!)
  • Same list of officials for different rides in different countries – apparently, in their opinion, this is bad because Misérables Véts were not invited.
  • Organisers should invite Misérables Véts from Germany – then “a blind eye” won’t be turned! (We discuss about German “blind eye” below).
  • No rotation of vets within a commission – and for some reason the VR.Art. 1121.1 is suddenly mentioned, which says about quite another:
  • Horse at the end of a ride should be fit to continue (this is often ignored) – below we provide you with an example of German version of what is “fit to continue”.

Altogether, after reading, there is a feeling that letters were written by small group of persons obsessed with proletarian hatred of the organizers, who organize big rides at a good level, and where German riders also participate with pleasure!

Why are they silent about Tryon?

We don’t see any Open Letters from these German veterinarians with their concern about horse welfare issues at WEG 2018 in Tryon. This is strange!

Germans like to write about horse welfare issues in other countries far away, but they keep silent about their own sins.

Ein: AMIRA 194

Every time when a horse dies in some country of Group 7, the German press writes scandalous articles about this.

But can you remember whether they wrote an article about the death of a horse in a German competition?

AMIRA 194, 9-year-old mare died in German Endurance Championship at Neustadt Dosse in 2017. And no scandalous articles about this. Only silence! Why?

Here is the Race Report about that event, wrote by one of Les Misérables Véts – Dr. Juliette Mallison: http://endurance-world.com/german-championship-races-neustadt-dosse/.

Dr. Juliette Mallison was the organizer of that Championship and president of the event, according to the FEI schedule.

There is the official website for the event: http://www.distanzritt-neustadt-dosse.de/

When a horse died in Euston Park this summer, the press release was immediately published.

You will not find any press release about death of Amira on the official website of German Championship.

As you can see, Dr. Juliette Mallison did not mention about dead horse neither on the event website, nor in Race Report for endurance-world.com.

The only mention can be found on website pferd-aktuell.de – just a small paragraph at the end, not a whole article about this incident.

Translation from German:
The German Championships at Landgestüt Neustadt / Dosse were overshadowed by a serious accident. The mare Amira of the championate-experienced Ursula Klingbeil argued that when entering the Vet-Gate, she was so unhappy that she had to be taken directly to an animal clinic and then put to sleep there. “The horse suffered irreparable soft tissue and muscle damage in the shoulder,” said the treating chief veterinarian Martin Grell. “Uschi came in at a steady pace in the trot, we can not explain how it could even come to such a rare injury, with overburden had nothing to do in any case,” said Dr. Juliette Mallison, organizer and veterinarian.

Zwei: Too skinny to continue

Do you remember these pictures? Click on them to read full articles about the scandalous story that happened in Compiegne in 2014.

1. Article by Pippa Cuckson in The Telegraph:

2. The same picture used for the open letter of French endurance vets (although the text of the open letter does not say anything about this horse):

So, everyone was outraged that skinny horse participates in the competition.

Now look at this horse.

Is this horse also skinny or is it good enough for the ride?

This picture shows a winner of CEI 80 km ride held on 20th May in Balve in Germany, and it seems that the German officials don’t mind this extremely skinny condition where you can literally count the ribs on the horse.

This is German version of horse welfare – German officials allowed this horse to pass all vet checks, and there is no public outrage in the social media!

And who were the officials at that event? Who allowed this skinny horse to pass all vet checks? See the answer on the FEI website:

MALLISON Juliette, DREKER Christian, ZERLIK Claudia, PLEUGER Christina – 4 of 6 Misérables Véts were officiated at that ride.

They don’t care about skinny German horse at German ride, but they care about horse welfare in Group 7! It is ridiculous!

And they say about “blind eye” in other competitions!

Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite! First take the plank out of your own eye…

P.S. After publication of our article, Marvin Nonnenmacher closed his then-public Instagram account and made it private. Why? What is he shy about? Perhaps, he is ashamed of his skinny horse. Verily, nothing hurts like the truth!

Drei: Hypocrisy of Al Samarraie

After reading this strong statement published by Al Samarraie Endurance Team at the beginning of the year, you might think that this team will never ride their horses to such an extent that their horse will need to get treatment after the first loop.

But they really ride such way!

Here is the video from YJ Championship in Pisa, where horse of Al Samarraie Team went to clinic after first loop!

They wrote that horse was excited!

They went first loop with high speed along with first group of riders, and now they say the horse did not recover because she was too excited.

If you watch the video, you can see the exhausted horse that was not prepared for high speed.

They try to put Group 7 in bad light, but they do nothing good for their own horse.

They blame Group 7 for high speeds, but their horse has the speed of first loop of 22.76 km/h and recovery time over 21 minutes. And after this time, horse was not recovered. Who said about speedmania?

Gate 1 GA+ME TR – it is not the result they can be proud of. Is it their respect of the horse? It is not a pity, it’s a shame!

In their open letter, Germans worried about Spanish horse at European Championship for Young Riders, and they are shyly silent about German horse that was exhausted (not excited) after first loop at the same Championship.

The old saying goes: first put your house in order, and then look for problems in someone else’s house.