Let’s do the math


In our previous article “Analysis of horse fatalities in Europe” we discussed about horse falatility in the FEI events.

We always appreciate all the comments from our visitors, especially reasonable comments.

Some comments were about to show the percentage of deaths:

Ok, if you asked for it, let’s do the math together.

But, firstly, our humble opinion about recent deaths in UAE.

There were fatalities in competitions on Dec 12 (1 of 374 started horses), on Dec 17 (1 of 152 started horses), on Jan 4 in CEN ride (2 of 195 started horses) and on Jan 7 (1 of 263 started horses).

Totally there were 984 horses started in all 4 events (789 horses started in 3 FEI rides) and 5 horses died (3 of them in 3 FEI rides). Fatality rates for these events are 0.50% for all 4 rides and 0.38% for 3 FEI rides.

And after this we read the news that the FEI “is extremely concerned and has put in place a series of urgent high level meetings.”

But where was the FEI and what the FEI said in October 2016 when 3 horses died in 2 consecutive competitions in France? Did you forget about it?

On Oct 15 in Fontainebleau 2 horsed died of 86 started in CEI1* 90, and on Oct 22 in Tartas 1 horse died of 51 started in CEI2* 120. Totally there were 137 horses started in these two events and 3 horses died. Fatality rate is 2.18%.

So, the fatality rate in France in October was 4 times more than now in UAE, and the FEI kept the silence about that, why?

It looks like racial discrimination. The FEI sees no problems with dead horses in France, but “extremely concerned” with fatalities in UAE, even while the fatality rate in UAE is much less than in France.

And now let’s see the full statistics for last year. We have compared the results of the FEI rides in UAE and in France. We didn’t compare the results for CEN rides just because it is one-way street.

There is full transparency about CEN rides in UAE: you can watch live TV coverage of every event and see the live results online. Can you say the same about CEN rides in France?

Obviously, no. There is no live TV for CEN rides in France, and there are no live results online. How do we know that no one horse ever died in CEN rides in France? We can’t check it. So we can’t compare fatality statistics in CEN rides for both countries.

Now, let’s see the statistics and percentage of deaths in FEI rides in France and in UAE.

Table 1. Statistics of FEI rides in France in 2016:

Table 2. Statistics of FEI rides in UAE in 2016:

You can check every number on the FEI website.

Results are as follows:

2838 horses started and 4 died in FEI rides in 2016 in FRA.
Fatality rate in FRA = 0.14%.
2796 horses started and 3 died in FEI rides in 2016 in UAE.
Fatality rate in UAE = 0.11%.