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Marianne Ironside / Carol Hayter expelled from Clean Endurance


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Who is Marianne Ironside

Marianne Ironside (also known as Carol Hayter) is from Great Britain, but currently live in France.

For many years she was the leader of so-called Clean Endurance group, although she is neither a FEI official nor a FEI rider.

Recently she joined Tarek Taher to work in his organization named TEIRA.

In February Marianne/Carol visited Al Ula ride in Saudi Arabia (click here to read our article about that ride) and even worked at event (on the picture below she can be seen as a vet writer).

As the member of Clean Endurance group at the date of the ride, how could she not check that one horse died the next day after the competition? Or did she intentionally turn a blind eye to this sad fact?

Marianne Ironside is Carol Hayter

Marianne/Carol uses two Facebook accounts with different names – this is the violation of Facebook policy and terms of use.

Account of Marianne Ironside:

Account of Carol Hayter:

For all her social activity, Marianne/Carol uses the account under the name of Carol Hayter.

In her comment in one of Tarek’s posts she confirmed that she uses two names:

Marianne/Carol expelled from Clean Endurance

Recently we published the article about the internal conflict between members of Endurance Temporary Committee.

We received some clarification from Clean Endurance about the current status of Marianne Ironside / Carol Hayter.

Clean Endurance International

On 23 April 2019, Marianne/Carol created a Facebook page called Clean Endurance International:

Gray checkmark in the username indicates that this page is associated with the registered organization.

There are 4 persons who manage the page of Clean Endurance International:

Lesley Jolly from Sidney, Australia:

Phill Bower from London, United Kingdom:

The other two people from France are Marianne Ironside and Carol Hayter herself. Marianne/Carol put her two Facebook profiles as separate page admins.

Does Marianne/Carol pretend to be two different persons?

As Pauline van Drumpt from Clean Endurance stated, this page and the organization under this name have nothing to do with Clean Endurance.

It seems that Marianne/Carol used the famous brand of Clean Endurance in her own interests.

And perhaps her interest now is not entirely connected with the welfare of horses, in view of her silence about the death of a horse after the ride in Al Ula, Saudi Arabia, which was promoted by her new boss Tarek Taher.

Does money talk?