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The so called infamous Pippa Cuckson is very well known to the equine world!

She is writing for many websites, including where she has her own blog – The Cuckson report.

On July 28, a new post was published on that website with title “EXHAUSTED HORSE PROVOKES NEW ENDURANCE CONTROVERSY”. This article is devoted to the recent FEI MEYDAN European Endurance Championships for Young Riders and Juniors held at Pisa, Italy on July 26.

In particular, this first article had the video of Spanish team horse crossing the finish and passing the final vet inspection. The horse’s condition as shown in the video is very depressing.

This article was quickly shared on Facebook, but some users noticed that link is not working anymore and removed from their website after one day of publishing!

For example, you can try it here:

So, big surprise occurred after publication of this article. The article suddenly disappeared from website.

Just click this link: and you see this:

What happened? The one and only Pippa Cuckson can tell us WHY?

What could be the reason? Why did Pippa Cuckson suddenly deleted this article from the website?

Text in the article mentioned that “article will be updated when [answers from the FEI] is received.”

But, deleting the article is not the update. It is censorship.

Who was she (Pippa Cuckson) afraid of?

Then, two days later, on July 30, new article appeared on the website – with the changed title (HORSE has been changed to WINNER) and new URL and a much rewritten text.

Updated article is currently available at another URL:

What a surprize!

So we compared the texts of both versions of the article, deleted and newly added.

For ease of reading, we highlighted text by red and green color:

And as always, Pippa Cuckson remembered to keep the word AL MAKTOUM in this article as well.

She writes, “Maktoum / Meydan sponsored…”

And surprisingly, Pippa Cuckson used as featured image of the article about Championship – the photograph which has no relevance to the FEI Meydan European Endurance Championship for Young Riders and Juniors.
Intentions of Pippa Cuckson are obvious, if the readers can understand very well, where she is heading to…

Are these riders from Championship?


Now, please check both versions of this CONTROVERSIAL ARTICLE. Click image to view full size.

Note that the tone of the article has changed a lot in the new version. Pippa Cuckson removed:

  • The unnamed four-star official (which turned out to be Dr. Marcello Conte from Italy, currently living and working in Qatar?) that provided the video.
Dr. Marcello Conte
Dr. Marcello Conte
  • Alfredo Greco – he was Veterinary Commission President at this championship.
  • The relationship of Spanish horses with the Maktoum family.
  • Juma Punti Dachs – he is current world endurance champion.


So, questions remain unanswered.

Why was this article initially deleted for two days? Who ordered the removal of initial article?

Can we rely on Pippa Cuckson and trust her further if she deleted and then published rewritten article?

This is a rhetorical question!

Is it a common practice in journalism to publish an article, then delete it, rewrite most part of it and re-publish in two days?

Is it a common practice and creative journalism of Pippa Cuckson?

Who is giving such kind of orders to Pippa Cuckson?

Can anyone deny that she has no personal interest?

This is not the welfare of horse.
This is just a business.
Initially to name the people, then obviously, being frightened! deleting them.
This is the style of Pippa Cuckson?

Without any doubt, she juggles with names as she wishes?
She writes vague hints and then removes them.
But Manuscripts Don’t Vanish!
Once published, remain forever and cannot be erased.

But here again Pippa Cuckson changed the title to make it more clickbait.

This is Pippa Cuckson!

Readers may make their own judgement!