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More facts about German Endurance


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Recently we published an article about German Endurance:

Prominent German Endurance family of Al Samarraie entered the unqualified horse into the FEI competition, and this horse was disqualified for obvious reasons.

Now we learned from our sources that this story was not an isolated case of rule-breaking made by this famous family and covered up by the German National Federation.

Below is another example: horse WARSANA (FEI ID 105HU53).

There were two violations of Endurance rules made with this horse in 2016.

Violation 1:

In May 2016, Warsana patricipated in 252 km multi-day ride.

By the rules, after competing in a CEI or National Events, a Horse must be given a mandatory minimum rest period which was not respected after that ride.

With distance over 140 km, horse must be given a mandatory minimum rest period for 33 days. But, this horse was forced to compete again after only 20 days – now for a 120 km ride.

Why did nobody care about the welfare of Warsana?

Photo Christian Lüke

Violation 2:

Warsana participated in the FEI ride in Brussels on 20 August 2016 and was eliminated for lameness and metabolic reasons with invasive treatment.

By the rules, if a Horse has Failed to Qualify for metabolic reasons which require immediate invasive treatment at any CEI or National Events it must be given a mandatory rest period of 60 days before it is again eligible to participate in a CEI or National Event (Art. 815.3.3 of FEI Endurance rules).

Instead of resting for 60 days, this horse was forced to start again at national competition in 42 days on 1 October 2016 – and she was eliminated again, also for metabolic reasons.

Photo Murielle Mulder

And again, the rule about mandatory rest period was breached by Al Samarraie family, and the German National Federation turned a blind eye to this violation. Why?