Let’s talk about abandoned horses. They exist in any country, even in prosperous Europe. If horse is abandoned, who is to blame for this? It is obvious that the owner of horse is guilty.

For example, see the picture of this dead horse:

Photo © horseandhound.co.uk

This poor horse pictured above was abandoned and died. Who is to blame? Owner? Exactly!

Can you blame the UAE for death of this horse? Definitely not!

Now please see another example:

Photo © instagram.com/gs32sg/

This disturbing picture shows an abandoned horse on a road with bloody forelegs. Who is to blame for such case? Owner again? Exactly!

Can you blame the UAE for this horse? What will come to your mind?

In fact, this poor horse has nothing in common with UAE and with Endurance sport.

When you hear “UAE”, you think about “desert” and about “horses”.
In other words, “UAE” = “desert” + “horses”.
But on the other side, “desert” + “horses” are not always equal to “UAE”.

Perhaps, some people studied geography at school so badly, that they don’t know that there are lots of countries located in desert. For example, the biggest one is Saudi Arabia.

If you look at this horse more thoroughly, you will see that the horse doesn’t look like a sport horse from a Sheikh’s stable. It looks like an ordinary horse from the farm next door.

Because it is, in fact. It is ordinary non-sport horse somewhere from Saudi Arabia. It is local Saudi horse, not imported horse from Europe for Endurance in UAE.

Please see this Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/gs32sg/

It is full by photos and videos with horses in desert. But you can recognize easily, that all these videos are not connected with Endurance sport.

Moreover, these videos are not connected with UAE. They were filmed in Saudi Arabia, see this example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BKtmFMXgYeE/ – you see the flag of Saudi Arabia carried by front rider.

And here is original video of this poor horse: https://www.instagram.com/p/_rux_WQ-CO/

So, what really happened in this video? Author met this poor horse on a road somewhere in Saudi Arabia. We ask you again: who is to blame for this? Apparently, the owner of this horse from Saudi Arabia. Not the UAE.

Are you agree?

Now meet Jenny Lupton. She describes herself as Equestrian artist on her personal website, so she definitely must know the visual difference between sport horse and non-sport horse.

On 3 April she wrote the post “Tales of Arabia” on her Facebook:

Jenny wrote the post mixing everything: Dubai, Sheikh Mo, Endurance, abandoned horses, UAE, WEC. And she puts this video of horse from Saudi Arabia and the link to petition for removing WEC from Dubai.

But, this video has no connection with Endurance sport and with UAE, as we have just proved above.

This poor horse is far far away from Endurance sport and far far away from the UAE.

Jenny Lupton made an intentional falsification when used this video from Saudi Arabia to accuse the UAE.

Main goal of this intentional falsification was to raise a wave of hatred against UAE and, of course, to collect as much signatures for the petition as possible. Dirty game.

What Jenny Lupton did by her post is called “Incitement to ethnic or racial hatred”.

And it is a criminal offence under the laws of United Kingdom and France, as well as several other countries.

Or you are ready to blame the UAE for every abandoned horse in the world?

Why Jenny Lupton don’t blame the UAE also for this horse shown below?

Photo © horseandhound.co.uk

Because this horse was abandoned and died in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom. Read full story about this: http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/exhausted-horse-dies-canal-601153

While reading the Horse&Hound and other websites, we can find a lot of news about abusing the horses in Europe, America and other parts of so-called “civilized world”.

See some examples that you can find on Google just in a few minutes:

1. Spain: Owner Jailed In Mallorca For Beating His Horse To Death
Photo © spanishnewstoday.com

2. West Virginia, USA: County Seizes Horse on Animal Cruelty Charges
Photo © clarkedailynews.com

3. Ireland: Mayor vows action on horse cruelty and sulkies
Photo © kilkennypeople.ie

4. South Africa: This horse died of hunger and thirst. He had been put out to fend for himself in the peak of summer. His owner could not afford to feed him at home and believed he would be able to survive the drought.
Photo © dhrc.org.za

5. Montana, USA: 8 horses shot and killed on Crow Reservation

And so on. You can find many many such terrible news from many places around the world.

Is this enough for you to stop thinking that horse abuse exists only in one specific country?

Back to Jenny Lupton, here is another example of post on Twitter by her:

What happens here? Author of these pictures describes that owner of the land in Bahrain wants to close the stables. It is very awful. BUT! Do you really think, that such situations do not occur in the so-called civilized countries?

Please see the same picture from America:
Photo © Humane Farming Association

See full video:

You are blaming the UAE and shamefully silent about the same awful news from your own countries just because you see only what you WANT to see!

You are happy to post terrible pictures from “barbaric” Middle East and you never post the same terrible pictures from your own so-called “civilized” countries!


Read more here: http://www.occupyforanimals.net/horse.html

In so-called civilized countries horses are killing for human consumption – why you don’t make the posts about it on your Facebook and Twitter?

You have already forgotten Horsemeat scandal in Europe in 2013, so read about it again: https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2013/feb/15/horsemeat-scandal-the-essential-guide

After all these pictures, tell again, who are the biggest horse abusers?

So, before you will start to blame the UAE for every disturbing image you can find on the Internet, put your own countries in order.

Well, let’s start to blame European Endurance community for death of this horse from Nottinghamshire, why not?

It will be exactly the same what Jenny Lupton did using the video from Saudi Arabia to blame the UAE.

When horse is abandoned and died in UK, you don’t blame the whole country. You don’t write the post on Facebook putting this disturbing image and accusing the Great Britain of abusing the horses.

But you accuse the whole country when you see the picture of injured horse somewhere in desert, ignoring the simple fact from geography that desert is not equal to the UAE.

In fact, it is ordinary racism.


Jenny Lupton was active in commenting our last post “Another horse died in France, again!”.
Here is one of her comments there:

Jenny urged to “open your eyes to the cruelty and abuse of horses in dubai. Or do you not even know what cruelty and abuse are?”

Dear Jenny Lupton!
You talk about cruelty and abuse of horses in UAE that is far far from your home.
Why do you not want to talk about cruelty and abuse of horses in modern “civilized” Spain that is closer to you.

Specially for you – please see this video and answer your own question: Do the people in Spain not even know what cruelty and abuse are?

Many people blame that Fair Endurance is paid by UAE.
Many people get excited to talk about the cruelty and abuse in “barbaric” Middle East, but they don’t want to talk about the cruelty and abuse in their home countries in “civilized” Europe.

That’s the answer for your question: Who are the Fair Endurance?
Fair Endurance is the mirror of your own sins.

Top photo of the article © PACMA – Partido Animalista