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Prestige Cup Endurance Chantilly 2019


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The second edition of the Prestige Cup Endurance was held in Chantilly on 7 July 2019.

The organizers have set up the minimum speed at the level of 15 km/h – a bit faster than a speed requirement for Championships.

Another condition highlighted in red was the maximum pulse rate at Vet Gates: 64 bpm within 10 minutes.

Organizers set a row of rules called them “ECO RESPONSABILITY”:

The winner is Saeed Salem Atiq Khamis ALMUHAIRI from UAE on a 9-year-old stallion RAS GIN. He finished after 5:14:40 with an average speed of 23.97 km/h.

Photo Bahrain News Agency

The second and third places on the podium also were taken by Emirati riders.

The first finished European participant is Elisabeth HARDY on an 8-year-old gelding KRACK LC. She finished with an average speed of 22.77 km/h.

Only 40 riders have successfully finished this competition.

A condition of 10 minutes for recovery time led (or could lead) to the disqualification of several participants.

For example, Carine BOULANGER from Belgium, named the Ambassador of this event, had only 41 seconds separated her from possible disqualification at 3rd vet gate.

Another rider, Michelle NOOIJEN from the Netherlands also was on the edge – after the first loop, her recovery time was 09:37.
23 seconds more – and she could be removed from the competition.

Photo Bahrain News Agency

Other participants were less fortunate.

Abdulrahman Mohammed ALZAYED from Bahrain exceeded recovery time of 10 minutes by almost 2 minutes – and he was disqualified on 1st vet gate.

Thiyagaraja PRASHANTHAN from Sri Lanka was disqualified at 3rd vet gate for having a recovery time of 13 minutes.

Bilal Bassam AL KHARRAZ from the USA has the recovery time of almost 12 minutes after the third loop and was also disqualified.

Rashid Mohd Ibrahim AL BALOUSHI from UAE has the recovery time of 11 minutes at 2nd vet gate – also disqualified.

It is obvious that these riders could continue the competition under normal conditions for the recovery time of 20 minutes.

Such unusual conditions are not found anywhere else at other competitions, and it is not clear what the organizers want to achieve by setting conditions that are very different from those around the world.

What do you think about these unusual conditions of the competition?