Proposed Modifications to Endurance Rules for 2017

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On 15 July the FEI sent to all National Equestrian Federations its proposed modifications to the Endurance Rules for 2017.

The modifications result from proposals made by the FEI Endurance Technical Committee, the FEI HQ and from feedback received from our stakeholders of the Endurance discipline.

The FEI asked to send any comments prior to 23:59 (CEST) on the 9th September 2016.

If you are not hearing about these new modifications, we give you some summary and highlights hereafter.

There are new 5* Events introduced.
In 2017 all CEIs will be divided into 5 different star levels as follows:
5* Event: 120-160 km / 1 day, 90-100 km / 2 days, 70-80 km / 3+ days. Prize money of minimum 20K CHF. All main Officials to be appointed by the FEI.
4* Event: 151-160 km / 1 day, 90-100 km / 2 days, 70-80 km / 3+ days. Prize money up to 20K CHF. All main Officials can be appointed by the FEI.
3* Event: 130-150 km / 1 day, 70-89 km / 2 days.
2* Event: 110-129 km.
18 Event: 80-109 km.

Age of horses is a little bit increased:
For 1* Event: 6+ years old.
For 2* Event: 7+ years old.
For 3* & 4* Event: 8+ years old.
For 5*, CEIO and Championships: 9+ years old (excluding Young Horse Championships where the minimum age must be 7 years).

Mandatory Rest Period will be more detailed and comprehensive:
Distance completed 0 – 49.99 km = 5 days
50.01 – 79.99 km = 12 days
80.01 – 109.99 km = 16 days
110.01 – 129.99 km = 19 days
130.01 – 149.99 km = 26 days
Over 150 km = 33 days.
Championships = 40 days.
But it is a question, how many days for rest after distance of precisely 50.00, 80.00, 110.00, 130.00 km?

National results cannot interrupt extended rest periods applied to FEI horses who have failed to qualify for irregular gaits or metabolic reasons at consecutive CEI or National events.

A penalty of 100 points will be given if a Horse is not brought to the Final Veterinary Inspection, or for incorrect behavior towards Event Officials or any other party connected with the Event and/or Doping Control Officers, Testing Veterinarian, Chaperones and/or any other person involved in the collection of a doping control sample.

New article added for Novice Qualification:
From 8 years old horses and older, dispensation of art. 816.1.2 and 816.1.3 can be granted if athletes and horses, not necessarily as a combination, have accumulated a minimum of 240km in a maximum of three CEN events in a 36 months period.

Star System Qualification has new point:
Horses and Athletes, not necessarily as a combination must successfully complete two 2* events, or one 3* event, before moving to a 4* event. Horses and Athletes, not necessarily as a combination must successfully complete one 4* event, before moving to a 5* event.

Concept of Test Event introduced in new rules of 2017.
Test Event: The FEI Endurance Technical Committee can, if needed, request a test event that will have to match the following requirements, at least 6 months prior to the championship:
– The same distance as the Championship or as close as possible
– The same course as the Championship or as close as possible
– The same panel of Officials as the Championship or as close as possible
– The same provider for timing, data handling and hearth rate monitoring

World Equestrian Games 2022 proposed to be in 2 days:
Two days competitions of 160 Km, a Team Competition and an Individual competition.
Three combinations in the Team competition.
Two combinations in the Individual competition.

Entries for CEIs will be made simpler: Entries in principle and Nominated entries is removed, only Definite entries to be made.

New welfare implications of the ride conditions:
To safeguard the welfare of the horse and the safety of the athlete… next changes can be done:
– Reduce the maximum heart rate
– Shorten presentation time and
– Increase the hold time that affect the welfare of the horse.

Badges of honour:
Badges of Honour will be awarded to Athletes who complete World Championships to the following scale:
a) A Gold Badge for three completions.
b) A Silver Badge for two completions.
c) A Bronze Badge for one completion.

So, that’s what to be proposed for 2017. Did you hear about these proposed modifications? Did your NF ask you about your comments?

Please share your opinions on these proposed modifications in the comments below.