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Image credits: Maria Jordanova / Facebook

On March 4 the Catastrophic Injury occurred during FEI ride in Bahrain King’s Cup where Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD (KSA) was the Foreign Vet Delegate and he has not reported about this Catastrophic horse injuries to the FEI.

After this blatant violation of the FEI rules, Dr. AL HAMMAD has officiated on next events.

Please see the events Dr. AL HAMMAD has officiated after the Baharain saga:

So Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD (KSA) is working in European competitions even after publication of our second article where we released full footage of Bahrain King’s Cup with evidence of blatant lie on that terrible cover-up of Catastrophic Injury.

What’s the strangest thing? The fact that Dr. AL HAMMAD is invited to Samorin, the venue of the World Endurance Championship 2016 and the candidate venue for the World Equestrian Games 2022.

Do you accept this fact? If no, then please sign the petition to ban forever Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD (KSA) for covering up the Catastrophic Injury during FEI ride.


We appeal to all horse lovers and people who write vehemently about horse welfare issues!

The following people were very active commenters on our website in the past.
And now we want them to break their silence.

Do you personally accept the fact that Bahrain will host the FEI General Assembly in 2018 despite this terrible story with covering up the Catastrophic Injury which obviously occurred during CEI, not CEN?

If YES – then you are the most hypocritical people in the world. You’re constantly making a big buzz in social media for any story related with certain countries. And now you’re shamefully silent about this Bahrain incident.

If NO – then why are you doing nothing until now? You have launched the petition in the past for similar cases to influence the social media, and now what? Why do you not launch your own petition to remove 2018 General Assembly from Bahrain?

Any specific reason for your silence about Bahrain saga?

Ms. Pippa Cuckson wrote an article about Bahrain story and now she asked us to provide original documents we published. Otherwise she will consider our documents to be fake.

We answered Ms. Cuckson that it makes no sense to provide original documents because the evidence submitted are good enough and Bahrain NF will name any our documents “fictitious.”

We answered Ms. Cuckson that there is very simple solution to find out the truth. Ms. Cuckson and the FEI can ask the REPORT from the FEI Officials presented during this event.

Official time keeper in Bahrain King’s Cup was Styria Timing Solutions. Our published documents are copy of documents from Styria.

So, we respectfully request the FEI to ask Styria Timing system to provide original documents from their system. Let Styria to show original start lists and results of CEN rides occurred on that day March 4, 2017 in Bahrain.

It is very simple, isn’t it? Why would FEI not do this?


Such obvious cover-up of Catastrophic Injury that occurred in Bahrain, and appointing Bahrain as the venue of General Assembly in 2018 cannot be coincidental.

Bear in mind that the 2nd Vice-President of the FEI is Sh. Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa from Bahrain who is a key player of any FEI decisions.

Remember that in 2018 there will be the election of a new president of the FEI.

We will not be surprised if new president of the FEI elected in General Assembly in Bahrain will be also from Bahrain!

This will explain the silence of the FEI about the Bahrain cover-up and their disregard of the footage with obvious evidence.

Bahrain tells what FEI should do now! So now we all should approach Bahrain instead of FEI for any horse welfare issues.

Last but not least, Manuel Bandeira de Mello, the responsibe for Endurance in the FEI, is completely ignorant of what is happening in Bahrain.

A man who has no experience in Endurance and hardly to play any role is completely silent. In all fairness, can we blame him? Or rather to what extent he can intervene?

Absolutely NOTHING Manuel Bandeira de Mello can act on it! We pity him! OR is he trying to hold on to his position in the FEI and couldn’t act careless and especially with Bahrain?

For Manuel Bandeira de Mello, SILENCE IS GOLDEN?

GOD BLESS Manuel Bandeira de Mello and the FEI!