Spanish Gold in Portugal


Meydan FEI European Championship For Young Riders & Juniors was held in Portugal on 2-3 September. Rio Frio Equestrian Center has been appointed as the venue of this major competition.

Just 30 km shy from the city of Lisbon, this place brings the beauty and diversity of its natural, historical and cultural patrimony, along with facilities and natural soils and makes it not only a reference center for national and international equestrian activities and competitions, but also an attractive, cheerful and visitable location, situated in Lisbon metropolitan area.

There are 200 km of tracks, located inside the 5200 ha of Herdade de Rio Frio, in naturally sandy soils, which provide excellent training and competing conditions for Endurance and plain horse tours. There are natural water fountains and diverse landscape, with easy access points for the support teams during competitions.

The national and international recognition of Rio Frio’s excellent natural conditions for the practice of the discipline of Endurance, make this the main discipline of Rio Frio Equestrian Center.

The terrain has little slope, regular sandy soils in which it is possible to train all year long, natural fountains for the horses, easy public access points for competition viewing, easy access points for the support teams, well signalized and delineated tracks. All these conditions make this an excellent location for the practice and competition of Endurance.

The clover leaf design of the routes, with all the lodgings logistic, inspections, control, departures, arrivals, public and participants supports integrated in the Center, allows the realization of relevant national and international competitions.

Photo: Facebook / Tom Eaton-Evans

Posted by Tom Eaton-Evans on Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Championship started with very friendly Opening Ceremony in the small town of Alcochete, where all participating riders were stand together, and horse guards with orchestra played beautiful music.
Photo: Facebook / Tom Eaton-Evans

Posted by Tom Eaton-Evans on Thursday, 1 September 2016

The event showed absolute dominance of Spanish riders. All the day they acted as a single entity and demonstrated amazing team work.
Photo: Facebook / Kieran O’Brien

Posted by Kieran O’Brien‎ on Sunday, 4 September 2016

Directed by Jaume Punti Dachs who currently holds the title of European Champion in Endurance, Spanish squad looked like real war machine, and their impressive finish resemble a cavalry attack.

All 5 members of the Spanish team have finished together with 1-second lag between each horse (4-second lag for last horse), taking top 5 places in the individual results with an average speed just below 23 km/h.
Video: Facebook / Jo Chisholm

Posted by Jo Chisholm on Sunday, 4 September 2016

Team Gold for Spain, Team Silver for Italy and Team Bronze for Portugal.


During prize-giving ceremony, the FEI Endurance Director Manuel Bandeira de Mello mentioned the very good organisation of the Championship and thanked the OC for the professional work during the incident when a horse went down and collapsed in the vetgate area. Fortunately, the organizers made all their best and incident ended well.

“Also I want to thank the City Hall of Alcochete and the main sponsor Meydan for full support and good providing of this fantastic event,” – said Mr. De Mello in his closing word.