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TEIRA – True Endurance International Riders Association


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After the inexcusable fiasco in Tryon WEG (with no one person have been punished for that), Endurance rider Tarek Taher from Saudi Arabia came up with the proposal of conducting riders meeting.

During that meeting on 13 September 2018 that was attended by around 50 people including riders, Vets, Chef d’equips and grooms, Tarek Taher proposed the initiative of creating a riders association.

The main objectives were announced: zero tolerance for doping, equitable judging, good horsemanship, improvement of rules and regulations, riders rights and more.

Photo Tarek Taher/Facebook

So, the True Endurance International Riders Association (TEIRA) was born with self-proclaimed founder Tarek Taher.

On 18 October 2018, Tarek Taher published Newsletter 1:

On 1 November 2018, Tarek Taher published Newsletter 2 with a brief summary of the October survey results:

On 22 November 2018, Tarek Taher published Newsletter 3 packed with information including the latest news from the FEI GA meeting 2018.

In April 2019, the FEI Sports Forum occurred in Lausanne where the whole second day was completely devoted to the topic of Endurance sport.

Tarek Taher and Sarah Coombs. Photo Tarek Taher/Facebook

The 16 recommendations from the Endurance Committee were presented at the FEI Sports Forum in Lausanne on 16 April 2019. Ten days later, Tarek Taher launched the online survey on FEI Rule Proposals.

On 12 May 2019, Tarek Taher published TEIRA Survey results on FEI Rule proposal:

TEIRA FEI Rule Recommendation Survey Report

Just under 500 people took part in the survey, and only 24.3% of them (around 120 people) are involved in FEI endurance.

In other words, over 75% of the survey participants ARE NOT involved in FEI Endurance – so how come are they eligible to answer this survey and why should their answers be taken into account?

Anyway, the results of this survey were very interesting.

Horses must do 3 x 1* rides before progressing to 2*
The participants were divided on this recommendation. The main fears were cost of the extra qualifications and problems in some countries where there are few FEI endurance rides to participate in. Just over 51% of participants agreed or strongly agreed with this recommendation. 40% disagreed or strongly disagreed.

At the first vet gate after the halfway point in any ride, horses that present with heart rate greater than 64 bpm at the first presentation will not have the opportunity to re-present and will be designated FTQ-ME.
41% agreed or strongly agreed, 41% disagreed or disagreed strongly and 18% were neutral or agreed partially. There were a lot of comments on these recommendations. Participants were concerned about the increased risk of doping, or the fact a horse could be stressed for various reasons, thus giving a higher HR and being unfairly eliminated at the halfway vet gate.

On 5 June 2019, Tarek Taher launched another survey on Endurance Qualification.

Results of the TEIRA Flash Survey on the Qualification procedure were staggeringly unexpected, including for the survey authors.

TEIRA qualification proposals survey result

69% of participants disagreed with the ETC qualification recommendation, the main reasons for this were that it was too complicated, there were too many rides at each level which would make it difficult for those in smaller endurance nations to qualify and the capped speed was unnecessary or too fast or too slow.

65.8% of participants disagreed with modifying the existing FEI qualification to include more rides at each level, many were concerned that a lot of countries don’t have many FEI events and qualifying would take a long time. Others liked the idea of qualifying more as a combination.

63.8% disagreed with using a points system, although some approved of the system as an alternative to having speed as the only deciding factor.

50% disagreed with changing the distances whereas others agreed that a change would be a good idea. Some felt there should be a capped speed 80km 1* before being able to do 100 km 1* free speed.

So, most participants disagreed with the ETC qualification recommendation although Tarek Taher was defending this idea a few months ago.

And after the survey, Tarek Taher changed his mind about the ETC recommendations.

In July 2019, the latest TEIRA newsletter was published:

Can it be concluded that in this way Tarek Taher entered into a public confrontation with other ETC members on the issue of new rules proposal?

To be continued…