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The F Word of the FEI


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Two tragic events occurred in Great Britain’s endurance competitions.

King’s Forest – 1 June 2019
Vencedor A’ Diamonds, a 10-year old grey gelding owned and ridden by Switzerland’s Urs Wenger collapsed and died while competing at King’s Forest at CEI 3* 160 km ride.


Euston Park – 18 August 2019
Ulla De Luc, ridden by Ghanim Said Salim Al Owaisi (UAE) and owned by F3 Stables collapsed after the finish and died while competing at Euston Park at CEI 2* 120 km ride.

Image Amanda Nicholson/Facebook

There are two identical tragedies. Both horses suddenly collapsed for no apparent reason. No external injuries or fractures.

In both cases the results have “CI” elimination code which means Catastrophic Injury.
Endurance Rules impose a penalty of 80 penalty points for a rider which horse has CI code.

The Swiss rider Urs Wenger have appealed against this penalty.

And although we do not have official explanation, the FEI has decided to cancel the 80 penalty points against the Swiss rider Urs Wenger.

Below is a quote from the FEI letter as provided by Mr. Urs Wenger:

“We have carefully reviewed your letter and the relevant documents, such as the autopsy report and I hereby confirm that the FEI will not apply the 80 penalty points as initially communicated to you. Given the relevant documents and explanations you are correct that it should not be considered as an injury (Catastrophic or Severe) and therefore there is no reason to give 80 penalty points……Therefore and based on the above, we will cancel the 80 penalty points……..Kind regards, Mikael Rentsch, Legal Director”

And now, the final results of horse Vencedor A’ Diamonds are changed from “CI” elimination code to “F” code.

What does “F” code mean?

There is no such elimination code in the Endurance rules!

Would such a forgiveness be possible for a non-European rider?

Ulla De Luc still has the “CI” code and the rider still has 80 penalty points.

That is, what is possible for a European rider is not possible for a non-European rider.

Are these double standards of the FEI?