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The Tale of the Two Collapses


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Two tragic events occurred in Great Britain’s endurance competitions. Let’s compare their circumstances.

Euston Park – 18 August 2019

Ulla De Luc, ridden by Ghanim Said Salim Al Owaisi (UAE) and owned by F3 Stables died while competing at Euston Park at CEI 2* 120 km ride. A post-mortem will be carried out to ascertain the cause of death.

Image Amanda Nicholson/Facebook

King’s Forest – 1 June 2019

Vencedor A’ Diamonds, a 10-year old grey gelding owned and ridden by Switzerland’s Urs Wenger collapsed and died while competing at King’s Forest at CEI 3* 160 km ride.


Both horses were collapsed, but look at the difference between discussions in social media about these two accidents.

Post by Clean Endurance about the death of Ulla De Luc got over 700 comments and over 500 shares.
A well-known Endurance rider from Saudi Arabia and FEI Athlete Representative Tarek Taher even published a post (it was deleted later) mentioning this sad news.

Post by Clean Endurance about the death of Vencedor A’ Diamonds got just 11 humble comments and 11 shares.
And there were no mentions about this death from Tarek Taher and other prominent Endurance persons.

What’s the difference? Why the collapse under an European rider did not arouse much public interest at all, while the collapse under G7 rider caused a huge storm of indignation, although the autopsy results are not yet known.

Besides the usual prejudice against riders from G7 countries, there is another reason for public outcry.

But this is not fair to make a judgment before the autopsy results are known.

Has this horse in Euston Park been overridden? Many people thinks so, and they are shout loudly about speed of 27 km/h for the final loop.

But all these people were absolutely silent in European Championship 2015 and in World Championship 2016 when leaders completed the final loop with speed of 28-34 km/h.

Nobody talks about horse welfare while European riders from Spain and Netherlands covered the final loop with speed of 32.5 km/h in 2015.

Photographie Eric KNOLL. Championnat du monde 2016 d’endurance. Samorin (Slovaquie).
Photo Eric Knoll/FEI

And again, nobody talks about horse welfare while Alex LUQUE MORAL from Spain covered the final loop with speed of 34.2 km/h in 2016.

Are such speeds OK and in full accordance with horse welfare principles just because these speeds are reached by European riders?