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Tricky game on the allocation of the World Endurance Championship 2022


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Host cities for the FEI World Championships 2022 and other major events up to 2023/2024 were allocated by the FEI Board at its in-person meeting in the Russian capital Moscow.

The list of allocations for 2022 is below:

  • FEI Jumping World Championship 2022 – Herning (DEN), 6 – 14 August
  • FEI Dressage & Para Dressage World Championship 2022 – Herning (DEN), 6 – 14 August
  • FEI Vaulting World Championship 2022 – Herning (DEN), 6 – 14 August
  • FEI Eventing World Championship – Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA), 14-18 September
  • FEI Driving World Championship – Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA), 21-25 September

The FEI Board agreed unanimously that any decision on the FEI World Championships in Endurance and Reining should be postponed pending the outcome of discussions about both disciplines on 18 November and voting on 19 November.

That’s VERY VERY strange!

On 19 November there will be voting on the rules modifications for all disciplines. And five of seven disciplines already received their World Championships 2022 before the voting!

Why is the Endurance so special that it needs to wait for “outcome of discussions and voting” before allocating the place for World Championship?

What is the relationship between the rules and the venue???

How will some venues become more or less worthy of the World Championship after the proposed Endurance rules will be approved or not?

Photo FEI

What game did Sabrina Ibáñez start if she has assigned herself as the speaker for the Agenda Item 20 on Endurance rules instead of Director of the relevant discipline?

We all already watched how Sabrina Ibáñez commanded in Tryon and what it ultimately led to.

What will her game with Endurance rules lead to now?

* * *

Updated on November 20:

FEI Board wraps-up final decisions of FEI General Assembly 2019.

A decision on allocation of the FEI Endurance and Reining World Championships 2022 will be taken at the FEI Board’s teleconference next month.