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Two horses died in Bahrain, one confirmed by the FEI


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Mournful news came from Bahrain this weekend.

Two horses died in the same Endurance ride CEI 2* 120 km in Sakhir, Bahrain.

9-year-old 105JW04 – NARCISO TERZO (BRN) originally from Italy:

Photo Bahrain News Agency

7-year-old 106DY69 – SUSHI DES PRAIRIES (BRN), originally from France:

Photo Bahrain News Agency

Both horses suffered CI at Gate 4:

The results are very strange – identical digits for both horses at the last loop.

Actually, results of the last loop were copied to both horses from another horse that was the last successful finisher:

So, we don’t know the details of what really happened with both horses.

Our deep condolences to the owners of the horses…

* * *

But it is not the first time when Bahrain events were exposed to some terrible news.

Shocking video filmed during the H.M. The King’s Cup CEI 3* 160 km in Bahrain on March 2, 2019, caused a media storm of indignation.

This video clearly shows an injection during the competition what is strictly prohibited by the FEI Rules.

The horse and the trainer of this horse (standing in the foreground in sunglasses) were clearly identified: 105OY67 – TAMMAM LA LIZONNE (BRN) and Ahmed Jaafar JANAHI (BRN).

There is still no official answer from the FEI on this subject.

* * *

Two years ago, during the H.M. The King’s Cup CEI*** 160 km in Bahrain on March 4, 2017, horse 104PK85 – QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN (BRN) suffered Catastrophic Injury clearly visible on the TV footage.

Read our exclusive report about this here:

Bahrain NF replied that actually it was another horse and another competition: Bahrain NF stated that injured horse was SAMBA DE L’ILE which participated in CEN 80, and not CEI2* 120, therefore this case does not fall under jurisdiction of the FEI.

Read second part here:

Then we published start lists for all rides occurred during King’ Cup, both CEN and CEI with no sign of Samba on it, and also we published full footage from the ride that clearly proves that injured horse was actually QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN from main endurance event CEI 2* 120.

Read the next chapter of the Bahrain Saga:

The Foreign Veterinary Delegate for almost all Bahrain competitions is Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD from Saudi Arabia.

He was the Foreign Veterinary Delegate this time also. Does the FEI have any questions for him?

It seems that the FEI keeps the blind eye to the numerous horse welfare issues in Bahrain for many years.

* * *

Updated on November 25:

The results were updated in Yamamah app, showing that one of the horses SUSHI DES PRAIRIES is now eliminated for Lame at Gait 3:

There were 26 horses started in this competition, and 15 of them were eliminated. All 15 eliminated horses show the same digits for the last loop no matter what loop they were eliminated.

The death of NARCISO TERZO is confirmed in the FEI database:

P.S. The horse QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN that was died in 2017 and which death was denied by Bahrain NF, still does not have the date of death in the FEI database.