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Where is QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN from Bahrain King’s Cup?



Fast response from FEI

On April 3 we published our article about hidden fractures in Bahrain King’s Cup Endurance Ride.

We published the footage from the competition and sent our story to the FEI and they acted very quickly.

Here is a copy of letter sent by FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibanez to Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammad notifying him about provisional suspension.


So, Foreign Vet Delegate for the event, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD has been suspended just in 2 days after our request.


His suspension came into effect just 1 day before another big event in Bahrain – HH Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa Endurance Cup on 7 April 2017.

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD was assigned as Foreign Vet Delegate (again!) for this event, and after his suspension the organizers urgently changed the Foreign Vet Delegate in the schedule:



Further enquiries made by the FEI concluded that catastrophic injury which occurred on 4 March 2017 at the Bahrain International Endurance Village, Sakhir (BRN) occurred during a National Event and not during the CEI.

So, provisional suspension that was imposed on Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD on 6 April 2017 is lifted now. He was found not guilty.

Here is a copy of second letter sent by FEI Secretary General Sabrina Ibanez to Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammad a week later.


So, Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammad has been saved by his cunning lawyer.

But even if CI could have occurred during CEN ride, this is not an excuse for Bahrain NF.

Or will the FEI make the statement that Catastrophic Injury which occured dirung CEN ride is not a horse abuse and Bahrain NF will not be punished anyway?

Bahrain NF said that Catastrophic Injury occurred during CEN ride and thus intentionally misinformed the FEI.

Unacceptable act of the National Federation.

Sit down and prepare for our longread. We’ll show you the truth.

But was there Samba?

Bahrain NF said that injured horse was SAMBA DE L’ILE which participated in CEN 80, not CEI2* 120.


Status of this horse on the FEI database was changed to Inactive on 10 April, a week after our article was published, and date of death was indicated a while after our article was published.

Bahrain NF refused to provide the start list and results of CEN ride. So we do not know whether Samba really participated. Corrected: we did not know.

As you know, official time keeper of Bahrain King’s Cup was Styria. On their website you can find only the results of CEI rides: CEI2* 120 for Seniors, CEIYJ2* 120 for Young Riders & Juniors and CEI1* 80.
There are no files for CEN rides on Styria website. They are not published, but we got them.

There you are!

There were 5 rides during Bahrain King’s Cup. Above-mentioned 3 CEI rides and 2 National Qualifiers: CEN 80 and CEN 40. See start lists of all 5 rides below.

Startlist Competition 1 CEI** 120 Km


Startlist Competition 2 CEIYJ** 120 Km

Startlist Competition 3 CEI* 80 Km

Startlist Competition 4 CEN 80 Km

Startlist Competition 5 CEN 40 Km

A million dollar question: where is Samba? Can you find this horse in the start lists?

There were 11 competitors for CEN 80 and 20 competitors for CEN 40.
SAMBA DE L’ILE is not in the list. This horse has not started on that day!

Bahrain’s Untruth #1:

The FEI said that injured horse was SAMBA DE L’ILE.

Real Truth #1:

SAMBA DE L’ILE has not participated in King’s Cup!

But even if this horse really died on 4 March, why the date of death was published on the FEI webiste ONLY AFTER our article?

Who does fabricate this horse to cover up the injury of another horse?

Now go ahead.

White bib

Please, see again the moment of the rider’s fall from injured horse:

Can you definitely say, what color of bib do you see on the fallen rider?

It is white color of bib. Not green color, not blue color, not red color, not orange color. All riders shown in the footage wear white bibs, see the video again:

What does it mean and why it is so important? Very simple answer. Color of bib means the distance of the ride.

There were 5 different rides on that day: 3 CEI rides and 2 CEN rides. Every ride has its own color of bib.

If so, what distance is for white color?

See the Fact Sheet of the King’s Cup, you will find the answer in the bottom of page 2.


White color is for CEI2* 120km


Now please see the video again and say again, what color of bib do you see on the fallen rider?

Bahrain’s Untruth #2:

Dr Al Hammad said that injured horse is from CEN 80.

Real Truth #2:

Injured horse shown in the footage is from FEI ride, not CEN.

Fallen rider wearing white bib, it means that rider is from CEI2* 120km.

How the FEI missed out on such simple thing as color of bib? For the lead bunch of riders for the FEI 120 km?
Was there any investigation actually carried out?

Well, now you know that injured horse was not SAMBA DE L’ILE from CEN 80, it was a horse from CEI2* 120km.

Let’s find this horse.

Video footage of King’s Cup

Now it is possible to see the whole event from the start till the finish.

But we don’t want you to get bored, so you don’t need to watch the entire footage to find out the truth.

We have already done it for you.

We can tell you that injury occurred during 2nd Blue loop of CEI2* 120, so we release to your attention the footage of 2nd loop.

You will see how the injury happened and which number of bib belongs to this poor horse.

As we already know, injured horse is from CEI2* 120. Let’s see the official results of this ride:


Here is chronological order of departure and arrival of riders on 2nd loop according to the official results:


We see the group of 19 riders that departed during 2-minute period from 9:10:39 till 9:12:47.

This is exactly that group of riders which can be seen in the footage. 17 of them arrived from Loop 2, and 2 horses were not arrived, they marked as FTC = No 4 and No 18.

We can suppose that injured horse is one of two non-arrived horses: No 4 or No 18.

It remains to find out who exactly received Catastrophic Injury.

We prepared two versions of footage for you.

First one is short 2-min footage explaining which horse exactly received Catastrophic Injury:

Second one is full original footage of Loop 2 from its start till vetgate:

Note: the footage has no audio, contains several replays. The injury is shown at 1:01:24.


We have solved this Catastrophic Injury covered up by Bahrain NF and found out the name of injured horse.



Now what?

Say NO to Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammad (KSA) as FEI official


We hope that question about QALIPSO DE KERBREDEN will be raised and resolved by the FEI as soon as possible, and Dr Mohammed Ibrahim Al Hammad will be banned as FEI official forever.


Say NO to the FEI General Assembly 2018 in Bahrain

Well, after all these facts and proofs, now you know that Bahrain NF misinformed the FEI and covered up the Catastrophic Injury during FEI ride.
It is the Unacceptable act of the National Federation. So, can you accept that Bahrain will host the FEI General Assembly in 2018?

Step in and say NO to Bahrain!

Please use and share this picture to spread your opinion about the FEI General Assembly in Bahrain:


We demand!

We demand to ban forever the Foreign Vet Delegate of King’s Cup – Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim AL HAMMAD (KSA) for covering up the Catastrophic Injury during FEI ride.

We demand to remove the FEI General Assembly 2018 from Bahrain for intentional misinforming the FEI and covering up the Catastrophic Injury during FEI ride.

Remember Qalipso!


If you are really horse lover, please join us and sign the petition to support above-mentioned claims!