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Where is the risk limit of Urs Wenger?


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Mr. Urs Wenger, 69, is an experienced endurance rider from Switzerland, who owns the breeding stables and training center called Arabian Diamonds, based in the south-west of France, 80 km north of Bordeaux.

He came to the attention of the media when his horse VENCEDOR A’DIAMONDS collapsed and died during the CEI3* 160 km competition in King’s Forest Ride in Great Britain on 1 June.

Horse & Hound mentioned this accident in the news:

Endurance GB issued a statement the next day:

Swiss Equestrian Federation issued a statement too:

If your horse died, how long should you take a break before continuing to participate in competitions again?


For Mr. Wenger, it took only two weeks.

Because he owns a breeding stable, he has a lot of horses ready to start in Endurance rides.

Exactly, he is the trainer of 18 horses:

So, two weeks after the death of his horse VENCEDOR A’DIAMONDS in King’s Forest, Mr. Wenger took his another horse VASCO A’DIAMONDS and started in Compiègne on 15 June.

In Compiègne, Mr. Wenger was unlucky again. His horse was eliminated for Metabolic reason.

And now Mr. Urs Wenger scored 90 penalty points:

Mr. Wenger got 80 penalty points for CI of VENCEDOR A’DIAMONDS by Article 815.3.6 of FEI Endurance Rules:
If a Horse suffers a Severe Injury and/or a Catastrophic Injury during an FEI Competition the Athlete concerned will receive 80 penalty points.

And then Mr. Wenger got other 10 penalty points for ME of VASCO A’DIAMONDS by the same Article 815.3.6:
Each metabolic elimination results in 10 penalty points.

Athlete Penalty Points will be awarded to each Athlete should their Horse be eliminated at an FEI Event due to metabolic reasons and/or Catastrophic Injuries. Penalty points are accumulated from the first penalty rolling forward for a period of 12 months. Thereafter on the first anniversary of each point penalty such penalty is dropped from the running total. 100 penalty points will result in an automatic two month suspension period.


So, from now and until 1 June 2020, if Mr. Wenger receives yet another Metabolic elimination, he will score 100 penalty points and therefore he will be suspended for 2 months.

Very sad that current rules do not have any severe penalty for catastrophic injury rather than so-called penalty points, and riders are allowed to quickly take a new bike horse and compete once again right away.