Who does Lara Sawaya work for?


Lara Sawaya is well-known name in the world of Arabian horse racing. A not so long time ago this Lebanese businesswoman stepped into the world of endurance riding.

As the executive director of HH Sheikh Mansoor Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival, she is organising endurance events also under the umbrella of The Sheikh Mansoor Festival.

Ms. Sawaya is spending big money to promote Endurance riding, but who are these people that receive money from Lara Sawaya?

European expansion of Sheikh Mansoor Festival includes the following events this year:
Madrid Endurance Festival in Spain on 19-20 May,
Sardegna Endurance Festival in Italy on 30 June – 2 July,
Brussels Endurance Masters in Belgium on 16-19 August,
Negrepelisse Endurance Festival in France on 15-17 September.

Organisers of Brussels event are Pierre Arnould and Nicolas Wahlen.

Our prevoius article was dedicated to Mr. Pierre Arnould who represent very good example of big hypocrisy. In 2013 he accused the UAE in destroying Endurance discipline calling “Endurance in UAE is nothing but industry of death and cheating”.

We wonder if UAE Endurance community knows about the fact that Lara Sawaya gives money to the person who called UAE “industry of death”.

Another person behind Brussels event is Mr. Nicolas Wahlen. This scandalous person was the organiser of endurance competition in Compiegne in 2014 where many controversies arised with doping scandals at that event.

Image credits: Instagram.com/lara_sawaya

“The Mayor of Compiegne swiftly announced he will not work with the ride organisers again, alleging endurance had brought his town into disrepute”, – Pippa Cuckson reported about that story.

So it is hard to find more hypocritical organisers than organisers of Brussels, and exactly these organisers receive money from Lara Sawaya.

Image credits: Instagram.com/lara_sawaya

Maybe Lara Sawaya gives money to wrong people?

Or maybe this Lebanese businesswoman is just doing her business hidden from UAE Endurance community by using the money of Sheikh Mansoor Festival?

Do the organisers of Brussels deserve to receive money of Sheikh Mansoor Festival after their public loathsome accusations of UAE made by Pierre Arnould?

Maybe Lara Sawaya is doing this intentionally, spending money of Sheikh Mansoor Festival for the people who hate UAE?

A not so long time ago the UAE NF has been banned for horse welfare issues, and now bosses of the FEI are standing together with Lara and posing with smile:

Image credits: Instagram.com/lara_sawaya

So, who does really Ms. Lara Sawaya work for? For UAE Endurance community or for the people hating the UAE?