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Who is Mark Samuel?


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The FEI Vice President Mark Samuel, who facilitates communication between the Endurance Temporary Committee and the FEI Board, presented the 15 recommendations of the Officials Working Group and the additional proposals on these recommendations from the Endurance Temporary Committee.

“Please remember the spirit of collegiality here and that we’re all working towards a better future”, he commented. “There is an imperative for change here and we need to not ignore that and we need to work collectively and constructively for positive pragmatic solutions.”

The 15 Recommendations:

R1 – Introduction of a single Code of Conduct for all FEI Officials.
R2 – Introduction of job descriptions with checklists for all FEI Officials.
R3 – Develop a competency-based evaluation system with the goal of replacing the age limit.
R4 – To have an FEI controlled rolling education calendar.
R5- To improve the quality of education material and course delivery.
R6 – FEI to establish a new course director education programme and funding.
R7 – All Disciplines should make extensive use of the new e-Learning platform FEI Campus.
R8 – Compulsory NF recommendation only upon entering first level of FEI qualification.
R9 – FEI to establish a common fund, to support developing Officials in getting more officiating experience.
R10 – FEI to introduce “rotation” for FEI Officials at FEI events.
R11 – FEI to create a “Development Pool” for FEI Officials.
R12 – FEI to extend the number of FEI Officials appointed to FEI Events in all disciplines (incl. Mentoring).
R13 – FEI to create a top layer of FEI Officials for the professional sport.
R14 – Establish a new management position within the FEI – Head of Officials System.
R15 – Develop a harmonised approach to Officials’ per diems etc. across geography and discipline.

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Mark Samuel, who moderated the final Q&A session, offered his conclusions on the day. “It’s through forms like this and having a collective will to suggest that we want things to be different and for the world to hear that the industry wants to move in a different direction, I think it gradually gives these bad actors less permission to be bad and I think it gradually allows good officials the strength to be good.

As Ingmar said in his opening remarks, the status quo simply doesn’t work and we need this call to action. We are at a tipping point and the majority of the world, and we heard it at our stakeholders meeting, wants us to move in a better direction and so we will.”

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We continue to take a closer look into the equestrian background of all the members of Endurance Temporary Committee.

Today it is all about Mr. Mark Samuel from Canada.

A former international showjumper, Mark Samuel is the FEI Vice President, a member of the FEI Executive Board and Chair of the Regional Group IV. Samuel’s role is to facilitate communication between the Endurance Temporary Committee and the FEI Board.

Mr. Mark Samuel has earned success in many endeavours including business, sport and volunteering. His family owns Sam-Son Farms in Ontario, which has owned many top winning thoroughbred racehorses and show jumpers. One of the most notable was the great show jumping horse, Canadian Club, a member of Canada’s gold medal team at the 1968 Olympic Games.


As a rider, Mark Samuel represented Canada at the 2002 World Equestrian Games in Jerez, the 2003 Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, and as a member of the 2002 Wellington Nations Cup silver medal winning team. During all competitions, he was aboard Darios V.

Mr. Mark Samuel is also very involved in the administration of equestrian sport. He was the co-founder and former Chair of the Jump Canada Board and a director of the Canadian Equestrian Federation. At the provincial level, he was the co-founder and past-president of the Ontario Hunter Jumper Association.

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At the 2012 FEI General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey, Mark Samuel has been elected as the new Group IV Chair (North America).
At the 2017 FEI General Assembly in Montevideo, Uruguay, Mark Samuel was unanimously elected as 2nd Vice President of the FEI.
At the 2018 FEI General Assembly in Manama, Bahrain, Mark Samuel was unanimously re-elected as the FEI Vice President.

In his professional life, in 1986 Mr. Mark Samuel joined his family-owned company Samuel, Son & Company Ltd. and served in increasingly senior roles including as President, CEO and Chairman of Samuel Manu-Tech Inc., before being named Chairman of his family company in 2006.


The Samuels are one of the wealthiest families in Canada, with an estimated net worth of $754 million, according to Canadian Business magazine.

Founded in 1855, Samuel, Son & Co., Limited, is a family-owned and operated, integrated network of metal manufacturing, processing and distribution divisions. With over 5,000 employees and 100+ facilities, Samuel provides seamless access to metals, industrial products and related value-added services. The Company supplies carbon and stainless steel, aluminum, and aerospace alloys and markets its products in North America.

Mr. Mark Samuel is retiring as Chairman of the Board of his family company, effective August 27, 2019, following thirteen years of service in this role.

So, Mr. Mark Samuel has a really great equestrian background, and as we see, he is very successful in business.
But we could not find any connection of Mark Samuel with Endurance discipline.
The question is: how can a person who has no ties with Endurance discipline decide what is good and what is bad for this discipline?