Who offended Bella?


Young Endurance rider Bella Fricker from Great Britain recently posted on her Facebook:


It looks like Bella doesn’t like UAE for some reason.

But if you read her personal website, you can find something interesting:

Screenshot: bellafricker.co.uk

Here Bella highlighted her work for UAE stables during last summer.

On her Facebook she posted photos from Euston Park where Endurance Events were held supported by UAE, and obviously Bella knows about it.

Here is Bella’s opinion about Euston Park:


On this photo Bella (on the right) looks happy along with her UAE friends:

Image credits: Bella Fricker / Facebook

Moreover, on another photo Bella (in the middle) wearing T-shirt with UAE flag:

Image credits: Bella Fricker / Facebook

On the next photo Bella wearing a helmet with colors of UAE flag:

Image credits: Bella Fricker / Facebook

So, what happened to Bella? Has someone offended Bella personally and she sharply changed her mind to the opposite?

Can you imagine that someone wearing a helmet and T-shirt with flag of one country and looks happy with it, and after that this person posting such opinion against mentioned country? Hypocrisy in its finest.