Writing Really Wrongs


Image credits: thesun.co.uk

Facebook blog “Writing Wrongs” regularly posted anti-UAE articles.

Its last post “Selling Souls” described a list of persons that were accused of selling the horses to the UAE.

Selling the horse is not a crime.

Persons mentioned in that post, have asked the good question:

Author of that post is making every effort not to disclose his (or her) name despite the requests of the people in the comments below the post.

This mystical fighter for the horse welfare is hiding his name and trying to remain anonymous.

So, now it’s time to reveal who is that person behind “Writing Wrongs”.

Meet Jenny Lupton

Image credits: Jenny Lupton / Facebook

She is the same person who was a “hero” of our previous article “ORDINARY RACISM”.

Jenny Lupton is active commenter on our website, and also she is a friend of Marianne Ironside aka Carol Hayter from Clean Endurance.

In her Facebook posts she repeatedly revealed her involvement in this blog. There are examples, as follows:

Example 1:

On 10 November 2016 the annual World Horse Welfare conference was held in London, and “Writing Wrongs” blogged about it.

And Jenny Lupton confirmed in her Facebook post that she was the person who blogged this.

In case she will decide to delete this post, there is a screenshot as a proof:

Example 2:

On the next day, Jenny Lupton repeated her involvement in this blog:

Example 3:

A few days later Jenny Lupton shared a new “Writing Wrongs” post, confirming her authorship of that post:

Example 4:

This is final proof. Compare the timestamps on screenshot below.
“Writing Wrongs” published its post, and Jenny Lupton reposted it just one minute later:

(Note: Facebook timestamp may vary depending on your local time zone).

Unbelievable fast repost for a person who has nothing to do with this blog.

So, these screenshots are enough to prove that Jenny Lupton is author (maybe not sole author) of “Writing Wrongs” blog, and now all the people mentioned in the last post of “Writing Wrongs”, can address their questions and comments directly to Jenny Lupton.

But what is the more interesting that Jenny Lupton is really pure hypocrite.

She spent so many efforts for blaming the UAE, and the same time she is a great lover of horse racing, where horse death toll is not less than in UAE Endurance.

So why does Jenny Lupton not care about horse welfare in horse racing?

Just look at her recent Facebook post:

Jenny Lupton signed the petition against the closure of Kempton Park Racecourse, here is her support comment:

Jenny Lupton signed the petition against the closure of the place where horses are dying.

Just 3 days after Jenny Lupton signed the petition on 11 January, a new horse died in Kempton Park:


So, why does Jenny Lupton not worry about horse welfare in Kempton Park where 44 horses died (according to website horsedeathwatch.com) and not publish a post about deaths in horse racing?

Real hypocrisy, isn’t it? She worries about horses far far away from her home and doesn’t worry about horses in UK racing.

And finally, Jenny Lupton updated her profile picture yesterday:

This picture shows “Many Clouds”, the Irish-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse best known for winning the 2015 Grand National.

The Grand National is a National Hunt horse race held annually at Aintree Racecourse near Liverpool, England and notorious for its death toll of horses.

There is a petition to ban the Grand National with almost 28,000 supporters:

In 2016, 6 horses died in 3 days in Grand National:


Where was Jenny Lupton? No posts from her about horse welfare in Grand National.

And yesterday, this horse shown in profile picture of Jenny Lupton, Many Clouds participated in Cotswold Chase horserace at Cheltenham Racecourse.

Many Clouds won the race but collapsed and died shortly after crossing the finish line.

So, what did Jenny Lupton do with this fact? Famous horse died just after finish, where is an article of “Writing Wrongs” shaming the horse racing?

Horse was ridden to death. This is animal cruelty. Where are you, fighters for the horse welfare?

No one word from Jenny Lupton. Just hypocritical icons of broken hearts.

This is real soul of Jenny Lupton.

Horses are dying in horse racing in UK and Jenny sees no problem with this fact. But she is worrying about horses that died far far away from her home.

Well, if you are so worry about horse welfare, maybe you should start to clean up your own countries. First set in order the horse welfare in UK, then go to the UAE.

Pure hypocrite.