On July 22, the organizing committee of Brussels Equestrian Endurance Masters announced the cancellation of BEEM 2018 just three weeks before the date of the event.

This cancellation was explained by the competition from major events in Pisa and Euston Park.

Because many people have been zombified by Clean Endurance and Pippa Cuckson that UAE is the core of all problems, some people posted comments with absurd accusations that the UAE are destroying the Endurance sport.

Here are a couple of examples of such nonsense comments:

All these misguided commentators do not even realize that the main sponsor of BEEM is Abu Dhabi which is also the UAE.

Read it slowly again: Brussels events were always sponsored by UAE money!

So why do you blame the UAE for cancelling the event sponsored by the UAE?

It is sad seeing that people do not have their own analytical mind and are easily exposed to the propaganda of Clean Endurance.

Many people do not realize, that our modern world has been rapidly changing. Now we live in the era of globalization. The competition is the basis of any business. And, organizing the equestrian events is also the business.

If one organizer can offer better incentives for participants than other organizers can do, why to blame it?

If riders choose to go to the events with better benefits, better tracks, better facilities and better organisation overall – why to blame riders that they do not go to the Brussels?

So, do not make a drama when riders have the freedom to choose where to go.

Ask the riders – whether are they happy or not to come to the event and get paid for the start and for the successful finish?

Picture: Happy riders at Euston Park

The huge number of participants in Pisa and Euston Park proves that many people want to go there, many famous riders want to be a part of these events and this makes them happy.

Picture: Largest ever number of riders come to Pisa of their own free will

The only people who are not happy with this are the old farts of Clean Endurance.

A group of people calling themselves Clean Endurance, carries only the propaganda against G7 (particularly, against the UAE), and this suggests that they are sponsored by someone, because practically there are no real FEI riders within Clean Endurance group, but only “horse lovers.”